Billionaire God of War Chapter 2123

Chapter 2123

Ethan’s point of view was that he wasn’t going to compromise Clearheart Sect at all. Not the slightest bit.

The elders left with their men one after another. Only Leroy was left standing there with indignation written all over his face.

“Elder Leroy, do you want to continue?” Ethan looked at him.

“Ethan!” roared Leroy. “How are you connected to Clearheart Sect? Why must you help them?”

“What is it that you want? Titan Sect can give it to you! Women? Resources? Martial arts manuals? Titan Sect can give you anything you want as long as you leave Clearheart Sect!”

Ethan laughed.

His silence was his answer to Leroy’s question.

Leroy was indignant, but the other elders had already left, so there was nothing he could do now.

He could only descend the mountain and wait for the sect leaders to discuss and rethink their strategy.

“Humph!” Leroy didn’t any more. No matter how indignant he was, there was nothing else he could do besides leaving with his men.

In no time, everyone had left.

The Senior Elder watched as the six sects went down the mountain with their men and breathed a sigh of relief.

If the main gate had been compromised, then Clearheart Sect was finished.

If Ethan hadn’t come in time, the Senior Elder wouldn’t have been able to hold on.

He took a deep breath, got up and walked towards Ethan with a conflicted look in his eyes.

“I thought you had left and you weren’t coming back.”

He hadn’t said anything or even got angry when Ethan left, because he knew that whether Clearheart Sect survived or got wiped out had nothing to do with Ethan in the first place. This was the responsibility of everyone in Clearheart Sect, not Ethan’s.

Ethan’s appearance had been a pleasant surprise and he had left just as suddenly, but the Senior Elder was able to accept this.

After all, Ethan’s presence in Clearheart Sect during this short time had already brought about a huge positive change in the sect, and that was more precious than anything else.

Ethan turned to look at the Senior Elder and laughed. “I didn’t leave.”

“It was Chief O’Clear who locked me up when I was distracted.”

He purposely added on, “I think that old geezer really thinks I’m his son-in-law now.”

“But I’ve got to come back and prove that I’m not.”

The Senior Elder was stunned by these words for a moment before he burst out laughing.

This irritating fellow was actually still in the mood to crack jokes.

But even the Senior Elder was completely floored by the ability that Ethan displayed earlier.

It was already frightening enough that he was gifted with a photographic memory. But on top of that, Ethan’s own Extreme Fist technique was domineering to the max.

That punch earlier made him shudder just thinking about it.

Inside the main hall of Clearheart Sect.

Liam was sitting inside and the armor he was wearing had lost its shine.

He had a complicated expression on his face.

He looked at Ethan standing before him and opened his mouth to speak, but he didn’t know what he should say.

“You’re back,” was all he managed to squeeze out after a long period of silence.

“If I don’t come back, would you be able to hold up?” said Ethan.

Liam didn’t say anything.

Of course he couldn’t hold up.

If Ethan hadn’t come back, Clearheart Sect was probably doomed.

“If you can’t hold up, then what’s going to happen to the world outside the mountain gate? Chief O’Clear, you’ve got to be more responsible, you know?”

Liam still didn’t say anything. He was too embarrassed to.

Even if Ethan grabbed him by the hair and scolded him, he wouldn’t argue back at all.

“What’s the situation now?” Ethan looked at how crestfallen Liam looked and decided to show him some respect since he was the sect leader after all.

“The men from all six sects have all descended the mountain. They’ve suffered rather severe losses, but…so have we,” replied Liam immediately.

If Ethan hadn’t returned, then Clearheart Sect wouldn’t have just suffered severe losses. They would have been completely wiped out!

Even he would have to die.

“They might decide to just go all out and launch another attack, so we’ve got to prepare ourselves for that,” said Ethan.

“Are we going to fight them to the very end?” The Senior Elder frowned.

If this fight went on, then even if Ethan was around, Clearheart Sect would still lose many of their disciples. This wasn’t something he wanted to see.

“No, we can also choose to save them,” replied Ethan with a straight face.


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