Billionaire God of War Chapter 2126

Chapter 2126

It wasn’t that the people of Clearheart Sect had no faith in Ethan. If not for Ethan, Clearheart Sect would have been wiped out by now. But an attempt to negotiate with the six major sects was as good as walking into the lion’s den!

The six sects wanted much more than what Ethan imagined, so how could they possibly agree to stop the fight?

Besides, the six sects were way more powerful together compared to Clearheart Sect. So there was no reason to give up fighting at all. How could Ethan negotiate with them?

“Do we have anything to offer them?” asked Liam.

The most important thing in a negotiation was to have a bargaining chip. But they didn’t have anything to offer now, so what would Ethan use to negotiate with them?

“No, we don’t have anything,” replied Ethan honestly. “We now have two choices. Either we fight to the very end, or we negotiate. It’s better to stop fighting and try to solve the problem together instead.”

The six sects were in the same situation.

Liam frowned. This was a risky move.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say that this was impossible. He knew the people from the six sects and he knew how greedy and ambitious they were.

They would never agree to this.

If Ethan went to negotiate with them, they might even think that Clearheart Sect was no longer able to fight and would attack them even harder this time round.

“Let’s give it a shot then.” The Senior Elder expressed his view before Liam could say anything. “I think it’s worth a try.”

Liam was stunned. The other elders were also surprised by this response.

They didn’t expect the Senior Elder to agree so readily without even asking Ethan more questions.

“The feud between both sides will only deepen with a war. But to put aside the feud and think about the future is a very difficult thing to do as well.”

The Senior Elder sighed. Of course he knew that putting aside hatred and anger to negotiate with the enemy was a very difficult thing to do in itself.

This required a lot of resilience, intelligence and foresight that surpassed everyone else.

He looked at Ethan and was really impressed by Ethan again. Ethan was so young, but the way he looked at things and his foresight definitely surpassed that of the elders.

That was the scope of view Ethan had!

If they continued this war, Clearheart Sect might not lose, but they couldn’t afford to suffer such severe damages.

Did he have to watch all his disciples die in battle and watch Clearheart Sect collapse?

“Senior Elder, what if the negotiation fails?” asked the Second Elder.

“If we fail, then we will fight,” replied the Senior Elder very firmly. “If we succeed, then our disciples won’t have to die and they can continue to live on. Is there anything more important than that?”

The disciples of Clearheart Sect were still his highest priority.

That was because these youngsters were the future of Clearheart Sect, as well as the future of martial arts!

The other elders kept quiet.

Since the Senior Elder had already made his stand, there was nothing else for them to say.

Even if they didn’t agree with Ethan’s suggestion, they would go along with it since the Senior Elder had already given the go ahead.

Liam felt the same way.

He felt that he ought to be the one who supported Ethan the most.

“What do the two of you think?”

The Senior Elder surprisingly turned to ask Tegan and Gareth for their opinion. In the past, he would never have cared about what these two youngsters had to say, because these two were not fit to even be part of a discussion about the future of Clearheart Sect.

But now, he had witnessed the maturing of these two boys.

“I agree,” said Tegan. “Keeping Clearheart Sect intact is the most important thing right now.”

“That’s right, I agree with Ethan’s suggestion too,” said Gareth. “If the negotiation fails and the six sects want to fight, then we’ll fight to the very end with them!”

“There isn’t anyone in Clearheart Sect who is afraid to die!”


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