Billionaire God of War Chapter 2127

Chapter 2127

The two brothers were very clear that they were going to place Clearheart Sect as their highest priority, which was the same as placing the members in first priority.

They could see clearly that the disciples were not afraid to die in battle at all. The way they fought the enemy bravely and their determination to protect Clearheart Sect touched them very deeply.

And now, Ethan wanted to do something that would save the lives of many more members of the sect. There was no reason why they wouldn’t agree to that.

Since nobody had any objections, the Senior Elder nodded and didn’t say anything else. He turned to glance at Liam, which meant that he could make the final decision since everyone had already expressed their opinion.

Liam got up and said seriously, “Since nobody has any objections, we’ll proceed with this.”

“Ethan.” He looked at Ethan. “Who do you want to go with for this negotiation?”

“I can go alone.”

“No!” Lacey immediately cut in. “It’s too dangerous for you to go by yourself!”

“It is indeed too dangerous. Don’t forget, you’re the person they’re most wary of right now. If you go by yourself, I’m afraid that they might try to harm you.” Liam shook his head as well.

Ethan was definitely the person they wanted to kill most now.

If Ethan died, then Clearheart Sect would instantly fall apart. The six sects wouldn’t let go of a chance to kill him.

“Don’t worry, they can’t kill me.” Ethan smiled. “I’m confident of that.”

Lacey opened her mouth to speak because she was anxious, but Ethan gave her a look and she didn’t say anything in the end.

She knew what sort of person Ethan was. If he had decided on something, then he wouldn’t change his mind unnecessarily. He had greater foresight than everyone else, so he would have thought of every possibility before anybody else did, and would make ample preparation for every situation.

It was too hard for most people to have such foresight.

But this seemed like a piece of cake to Ethan.

“Both of us will go with you.” Tegan and Gareth exchanged glances before continuing, “We can’t let you carry Clearheart Sect through this crisis all by yourself all the time.”

“Both of us will go with you. If they’re going to ambush us, at least we could help to block an attack or two!”

Blocking an attack possibly meant dying. The two of them knew that well.

But they owed Ethan so much that sacrificing their lives wouldn’t be enough to repay him.

Ethan looked at them and nodded. “Sure, both of you can come with me.”

He glanced at Liam to hear if he had any opinions. But Liam didn’t say anything and just nodded. It was high time that these two sons of his went through some tough situations.

Even though this situation was really dangerous and they might die anytime, this was a process that every man had to go through. Ethan was probably thinking along the same lines.

Things were decided just like that.

Ethan immediately brought Tegan and Gareth to look for the six sects and negotiate with them.


At the foot of the mountain.

The six sects had set up their camp here.

All their disciples were resting and recuperating. Howls and groans of pain came from the tents every now and then.

There were no winners in a war.

All six sect leaders sat within the tent right in the middle and all of them had nasty expressions on their faces.

Six major sects had joined hands to attack Clearheart Sect, but they had been defeated!

This was such an embarrassment to them!

Gaspar’s expression was livid. Titan Sect had suffered the most number of casualties, and even Leroy was severely injured. But what made him the angriest was how all the elders of the six sects had chosen to come down the mountain.

“Just one Ethan made all the elders come down the mountain?” He scoffed. “Is this a joke?”

Gaspar slammed the table angrily and roared, “Are the people of our sects so useless? How are we going to face the world from now on?”

The other sect leaders frowned. They were clearly unhappy with what Gaspar said.

Gaspar was implying that the other sects were at fault.

Even though they were equally furious, they couldn’t say anything since their own elders had also chosen to come down the mountain.

“I wonder if Chief Gaspar understands anything about this Ethan?” asked Jericho Swain of Sea Gale Sect with a darkened expression on his face.


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