Billionaire God of War Chapter 2128

Chapter 2128

“What do I understand?” Gaspar snorted. “I just want to kill him!”

This Ethan had completely ruined his plans. Gaspar had originally meant to infiltrate Clearheart Sect with a marriage between the two sects and use some other method to control Clearheart Sect, but now he had no choice but to actually go to war.

And in the end?

They failed to defeat Clearheart Sect at one shot and suffered severe losses instead. Of course he was furious.

If Barnim from Sea Gale Sect hadn’t chosen to give up first, they would be sitting inside Clearheart Sect’s main hall by now!

Gaspar glared at Jericho and snapped, “He’s just a youngster. What’s there to be wary about?”

“If some elders hadn’t chosen to give up, all of us should be sitting inside Clearheart Sect’s main hall right now and discussing how to split up their assets!”

Jericho frowned slightly and tried to hold his anger in.

Sea Gale Sect had lost even more than Titan Sect!

At least none of the other sects had lost an elder. Sea Gale Sect had lost Stede, so he wasn’t going to take this lying down.

How dare Gaspar actually blame him now?

“Chief Gaspar, that’s not the way to talk. Don’t forget, you were the one who said that Titan Sect was able to defeat Clearheart Sect all by yourselves,” Jericho snapped right back. “If you’ve forgotten what you said, let me remind you about it now.

Gaspar narrowed his eyes and glared back at Jericho.

“Enough.” The sect leader of Achilles Sect, Kane Ellis, broke his silence. “Every sect has suffered their fair share of losses, not just Titan Sect and Sea Gale Sect. What’s the point of arguing about this?”

He had heard from the Achilles Sect elder that this Ethan was no ordinary man. The part about how he had learnt the Diamond Fist in minutes was definitely shocking.

Kane Ellis half closed his eyes and put his palms together. “Our aim is to take down Clearheart Sect and open the mountain gate in order to find a better way out. Will arguing here solve the problem?”

“Master Kane, what’s your opinion then?” Gaspar turned to look at Kane Ellis. “Do you think we should continue fighting Clearheart Sect to the end? Or?”

Kane laughed.

“Whether we fight or not, I think the most important thing to do now is to have a better understanding of our opponent, right?”

“Chief Gaspar, don’t mind me, but I think Titan Sect has hidden several pieces of information from us.”

His voice carried some displeasure. The other sect leaders also nodded in agreement.

Ethan was definitely one very formidable foe, but there was also a group of men who slipped through the forest like a bunch of ghosts and killed their disciples so brutally. Titan Sect had told them nothing about these things.

If they had known about these things earlier, they wouldn’t have suffered such severe losses.

When Gaspar saw all the sect leaders turning around to blame him, he scoffed, stood up and slammed the table.

“Titan Sect has not hidden anything from any of you!”

“You want to talk about losses? You think Titan Sect has suffered fewer losses than any of you?”

“All of you know the situation at Clearheart Sect. Titan Sect does not know anymore than any of you either. I don’t know where that Ethan comes from, and I don’t know where those mysterious men come from either,” scoffed Gaspar. “But no matter how formidable they are, I’m sure they can’t possibly fight the combined forces of all six of our sects, right?”

“I just want an answer from all of you now. Do you want to continue fighting or not?”

“If you want to fight, then gather all your men right now and go up the mountain. We should not let Clearheart Sect have time to rest! If you don’t want to fight, then back out right now!”

“Either way, Titan Sect will not back down! We must destroy Clearheart Sect no matter what!”

He had gone completely insane and spoke very domineeringly. He didn’t leave any room for negotiation at all.


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