Billionaire God of War Chapter 2129

Chapter 2129

The other sect leaders looked at one another and saw anger on each other’s faces.

They had joined hands because Titan Sect had invited them to do so, and splitting up Clearheart Sect’s resources between the six of them started off as a good idea. But they didn’t expect to suffer such losses in the process.

If they continued fighting, they would only suffer more casualties. They didn’t want to suffer such losses anymore.

Just when the atmosphere was getting tense, a voice called out from outside. “Ethan from Clearheart Sect is here! He says he would like to negotiate with all the sect leaders!”

All the expressions on the sect leaders changed.


That Ethan from Clearheart Sect had come to negotiate with them?

“Why is he here?” asked Kane Ellis.

“Ethan said that there are no winners in war. If the fight continues, the only casualties are the ordinary disciples of each sect, and this is probably not something that the sect leaders want to see.”

Kane felt his heart tremble.

This was exactly what he was thinking about.

He was suddenly curious about this youngster.

He wasn’t just curious about how Ethan had managed to learn Achilles Sect’s most secretive and difficult move, or how he had managed to perfect the moves in minutes. He just felt that Ethan was simply too mysterious.

“They don’t want to fight anymore?” Jericho frowned.

Sea Gale Sect had lost an elder and now Clearheart Sect was saying that they didn’t want to fight anymore?

How dare they?

“I’m surprised that this Ethan is bold enough to actually come here to negotiate with us,” said the sect leader of Goliath Sect, Andre Stuart, quietly. “Isn’t he afraid that we might surround and attack him?”

This was the campsite of the combined army of the six sects. So besides the six sect leaders, there were many elders and highly skilled fighters here. If they all surrounded Ethan to kill him, it would be hard for Ethan to get away!

“Master Andre is right,” Gaspar laughed coldly. “We shouldn’t pass on such a wonderful opportunity!”

“Since he’s come knocking on our doorstep, let’s kill him!”

“We should not do such a thing.” Kane shook his head. “Even two nations at war do not kill an envoy from the enemy camp. Killing him is not ethical.”

“Master Kane, who cares about ethics?” shouted Gaspar angrily. “It’s now a matter of life and death! Who cares about ethics in times like this?”

He looked at the rest of them. “I want to kill him. Who’s going to stop me?”

Jericho didn’t say anything. The sect leader of Storm Peak Sect, Raiden Powell, didn’t speak up either. The sect leader of Thunder Step Sect, Rodrick Blois, turned to glance at Kane, then shook his head. “No, we shouldn’t do that.”

In an instant, the six leaders were divided among themselves.

Kane sighed and laughed bitterly. “If we just keep fighting, it will never end. We are all trying to find a way to survive, and not find a way to kill ourselves. I hope everyone can understand this.”

“Master Kane, say no more. If Achilles Sect wishes to back out, you can take your men and leave right now. The rest of us will still be able to destroy Clearheart Sect!” Gaspar didn’t bother being polite.

Kane looked at everyone else. “Do all of you want to take this chance to kill Ethan?”

“Master Kane, Chief Gaspar is right. This is now a matter of life and death,” said Jericho with a darkened face. “Also, that Ethan killed one of my elders. If I don’t avenge him, how am I going to account to my sect?”

“A life for a life! That’s how it works in the first place!”

“But what if you’re the one who ends up dying?” Kane shook his head. “Jericho, please reconsider.”

With that, he got up and prepared to leave. He really didn’t want to kill Ethan because he agreed with Ethan’s opinion.

“Master Kane, please wait,” a voice came from behind a screen. Kane turned and saw the man who had come round to invite all of them to join forces in the first place walk out and smile at him.

“Chief Gaspar, I don’t think we ought to kill Ethan now.” The man looked at Gaspar and bowed slightly. “Master Kane is right. This is an unethical move, and it’s not something that respectable sects like ours ought to do.”

Everyone turned to look at the man’s face.

Gaspar looked at him too and raised his head slightly. “Mr Cedric, then what do you think we ought to do?”


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