Billionaire God of War Chapter 2132

Chapter 2132

Tension filled the air upon Gaspar’s furious roar.

Tegan and Gareth’s hearts skipped a beat. They were worried that the sects might attack them the next moment. That would be the end of them!

Ethan seemed unfazed as he burst out into laughter.

“Why should I do something like that? In fact, why would I make a trip here just to make fun of you? To give you a chance to kill me?” He said boldly as he leveled a look at Gaspar. “Since everyone here managed to become the heads of your respective sects, I suppose this part doesn’t have a problem.”

He pointed at his head with his finger.

A dark look appeared on Gaspar’s face instantly.

“You could start thinking about your sect’s future or worry about your disciples’ lives, or you could raise your voice and make a scene.” Ethan’s words seemed to be a deliberate provocation that was aimed at Gaspar. He wasn’t pulling any punches at all. “Don’t tell me you’re just a figurehead?”

“What did you just say?” Gaspar was livid. He flushed with fury as he pointed angrily at Ethan. “Are you tired of living?”

The madder he got, the calmer Ethan became.

Everyone could see the stark difference between them and the difference in composure placed Gaspar in an immediate disadvantage.

It took Gaspar a moment to realize what was going on. He flushed red, scoffed and sat down.

“Are you trying to provoke me?”

Ethan smiled wordlessly.

He turned away, his eyes sweeping across the crowd before pausing on Mr Cedric, who was seated in a corner and had not said a single word the entire time.

He looked like any other ordinary man, with features so unmemorable that you would be hard pressed to remember his face even if you tried your best.

You wouldn’t recognize him in a crowd.

Mr Cedric looked up then. As their eyes met, he smiled faintly and greeted Ethan with a nod.

Ethan nodded as well. They were like old friends who had not seen each other for years.

“I have no reason to play you for fools. I just want the fighting to stop. More people are going to die if the fighting continues. I don’t think anyone wants that, do they?” said Ethan. “I can solve the problem of the gray fog. Even if I can’t, Clearheart Sect will also end up getting destroyed by it too, right?”

Everyone frowned and fell into contemplation.

Ethan was right. Everything boiled down to the gray fog. It would be ideal if they could find a way to deal with that problem.

The world beyond the mountain had its appeal, but accompanying its temptation was the unknown and what one feared what one did not know.

Clearheart Sect existed for the purposes of preventing anyone from leaving the mountain. There must be a reason for that. Perhaps the world outside was too dangerous. Perhaps they shouldn’t leave in the first place.

There were no idiots in their midst. These were hardened men who had faced the trials and tribulations of life. They were all sensible men.

“How can we believe you?” Jericho leveled a frosty glare at Ethan. “You killed our elder and now you’re asking us to trust you?”

He wasn’t going to forget that and pretend that nothing had happened simply because of some sweet promise that Ethan had uttered.

“You should thank me for going easy on your men. You might have lost a few more elders otherwise,” Ethan said assertively as he looked Jericho in the eye. “In fact, you might not survive if the fight continued.”

Such brazen confidence!

Tegan and Gareth were stupefied.

They couldn’t believe that Ethan would dare utter words like this at such a moment.

Such audacity…such forcefulness!

Jericho trembled with fury at Ethan’s words but he had no words to refute the man. He knew very well that if Ethan had not gone easy on them, Stede would have died as well.

Stede, who was seated in a corner, flushed slightly and curled his fingers into fists silently.

Ethan had indeed gone easy on him. He would have died otherwise.


Jericho trembled with rage. One of his own had been killed. Why should he thank Ethan for it?

What kind of logic was that?


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