Billionaire God of War Chapter 2134

Chapter 2134

Tegan and Gareth were utterly speechless.

Was that really a negotiation?

Ethan must be the only person who could have conducted a negotiation in this matter. The both of them had been wrought with anxiety and shivered in their boots the entire time.

They remembered how they had been so full of themselves and had thought that they were superior to everyone else. But that had been when they had been in Clearheart Sect. When they had been outside and dealing with members from other sects, they had always felt a hint of inferiority.

Ethan had shown no hint of fear though. In fact, he had left the other sects speechless and with no grounds for refutation in their verbal spars.

The brothers were completely won over by Ethan’s boldness and confidence.

“You said that you have a solution for the gray fog. Is that true?” asked Gareth.

Everything boiled down to that.

If they could solve the problem of the gray fog, the other sects would have no reason to attack Clearheart Sect or to venture outside the mountain and seek a new home.

“Of course it’s not.” Ethan threw them a glance. “What the hell is it anyway? I’ve never seen it before. How do I know how to deal with it?”

The brothers felt their heart sink to the depths of a deep abyss. They nearly collapsed to the ground as their legs turned to jelly.

It had been all a lie.

Ethan had been spinning lies.

How could that be true?

He had promised the sects that he would solve the problem of the gray fog within two months. But he had no idea what the gray fog was. How was he going to deal with it?

Tegan’s face felt numb. He raised his hand and slapped his cheek. “Brother Ethan, are you joking? This isn’t a laughing matter!”

He was on the verge of tears.

What an emotional rollercoaster life was. Moments ago, he had been filled with respect and adoration for Ethan, who had displayed such courage and strength before the sect leaders of the six major sects and made a forceful stand against them.

But now, Ethan admitted that he had been lying!

“I’m not joking,” said Ethan. “This is something we have to deal with sooner or later. We just have to come up with a solution.”

Having said that, he turned and left silently.

All Tegan and Gareth could do was exchange a look with each other and pray that everything would go smoothly.

They had complete faith in Ethan. He was the only one who could lead Clearheart Sect out of its current predicament.

Meanwhile, at Clearheart Sect, Liam and the rest had been waiting for Ethan, Tegan and Gareth’s return.

“Why are they taking so long? Did something happen to them?” Lacey was overcome with worry. “Father, we should go save them!”

There was no way she wasn’t worried.

It had been ages since Ethan had brought Tegan and Gareth down the mountain. The negotiation should have ended a long time ago. Why weren’t they back yet?

She walked back and forth frantically. Her pacing stirred anxiety in Liam as well, but he couldn’t show it.

Everyone in Clearheart Sect was filled with tension. No one wanted the fighting to continue because of the deaths it would bring.

No one wanted to die.

“Stop panicking. Let’s wait a while longer,” Liam said.

He believed in Ethan. This man who had come from beyond the mountain was different from the rest of them. He had not failed to accomplish anything that he had put his mind to.

There was something special about him. It made others want to believe in him, as if his mere utterance of something made that the law.

The Senior Elder and the other elders sat there, seemingly calm but secretly wracked with anxiety too.

Of course they were panicking.

This wasn’t simply a matter of Ethan’s safety but that of the sect’s survival. If Ethan died, it wouldn’t take long before Clearheart Sect perished too.

This was the first time the entire sect’s fate was placed in one person’s hands.

“It’s been too long. Something must have happened to them. Father, we have to save them!” Lacey blurted out. Her face was lined with anxiety and her eyes red with worry.

She should have stopped Ethan from acting so rashly.

It was the three of them versus the six sects. That was suicide!

Liam could barely keep himself together despite his best efforts. If Ethan died, a battle with the six major sects would be unavoidable.

When the battle was to start would hardly matter then.


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