Billionaire God of War Chapter 2137

Chapter 2137

Ethan had not met someone so terrifying like this before. The world within the mountain was more complicated than he had imagined.

He still had to piece together the map behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. Ethan had planned on looking into that matter after he had saved Diane.

But trouble had come looking for him first.

He wasn’t sure if the answer to the Extreme Fist Technique Manual lay within or beyond the mountain. If it were the former, things would become quite complicated.

He shut his eyes again and attempted to recall what Mr Cedric looked like but somehow, he simply couldn’t…


The leaders of the six major sects and their elders were still at their base that was located at the bottom of the mountain.

They had remained in their seats after Ethan had left and had not departed immediately.

“Can he really resolve the problem of the gray fog within two months?” The look on Gaspar’s face was filled with disbelief. “I think you were too rash when you chose to believe his ridiculous lie!”

The other sect leaders did not say anything.

Everyone knew that what Ethan had promised was an impossible feat. At least, they didn’t think that he had a high chance of succeeding. If it were that easy, numerous sects would not have vanished in the fog.

But Kane had said that he wanted to give Ethan a chance and that they wouldn’t lose out on anything if they did. Everyone had agreed with him without protest.

No one wanted their own to perish and to suffer needless destruction and damage in a fight.

In addition, Ethan was a man who was shrouded in mystery and whose strength left them almost powerless against him. Even an elder wasn’t his match. What could they do to him?

Were they supposed to let Ethan kill all their elders?

“It doesn’t matter if he can’t find a solution within two months. Two months will give us sufficient time to recuperate and regain our strength. We’ll be able to take Clearheart Sect in one fell swoop and kill Ethan in the fight.”

Everyone had their own contingency plans. No one was going to let a mere stranger dictate their destiny.

Having said that, Jericho decided not to waste any more time. He got up and prepared to lead his people away.

The other sect leaders shared his thoughts. They were simply giving themselves a breather. No one truly believed a word that Ethan had said.

There might be the slightest chance that he could succeed. He had defied all expectations since he had appeared, after all.

“Mr Cedric, do you think we should give him a chance?” Gaspar said with a slight hint of displeasure. He turned and eyed Mr Cedric, who had not spoken a single word throughout the meeting.

“We could,” said Mr Cedric with a smile. “Ethan seems to be quite a mystery. Perhaps he does have a way to deal with our problem.”

Having heard those words from Mr Cedric, Gaspar decided not to comment further and instead, nodded slightly.

“Fellow comrades, Achilles Sect will make a move first. Farewell.”

Kane glanced at Mr Cedric, then looked at the rest of the sects before clasping his palms together reverently and leaving.

Everyone had left. Gaspar rose to his feet. “Mr Cedric, let’s go as well.”

Mr Cedric nodded as his eyes landed on Kane’s back. For a brief second, the look in his eyes turned icy and razor sharp.

In the distance, Kane felt a chill on his back. He wanted to turn around and take a look but stopped himself from doing that at the last moment.

He didn’t say anything, merely quickening his footsteps as he turned to Elder Percy Ellis.

“Lead our disciples back to Achilles Sect. Make sure that our defenses are impenetrable, do you understand me?”

“Chief Kane, is something wrong?” the elder asked anxiously as alarm rose in his heart.

“Percy, if I die, you’ll be in charge of everything in Achilles Sect. Remember, beware of Mr Cedric. Don’t look into his eyes!”

Elder Percy Ellis’ heart sank.

Was the situation truly that dire?

“Leave now!”

Kane did not explain further. He couldn’t. Everyone had been influenced by Mr Cedric’s words. He, too, had felt a moment when his mind had been affected.

If he had not exerted tremendous control over himself, he would have fallen under the man’s influence too.

What a terrifying man!


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