Billionaire God of War Chapter 2138

Chapter 2138

Kane didn’t say another word. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling.

All he knew was that the feeling he had was that of extreme unease.

Mr Cedric wasn’t an ordinary character. The revelation had just struck him. He had not noticed anything amiss when Mr Cedric had spoken to the various sects, joined forces with Titan Sect and launched an attack on Clearheart Sect.

It wasn’t because Mr Cedric had concealed his presence extremely well then. It was because he had stopped concealing himself as much now.

Elder Percy Ellis had no idea what was going on, but he could tell from the tone of Kane’s voice that this was serious. He dared not hesitate and immediately made arrangements to leave right away.

Evening crept upon them gradually.

Even though the skies were dark, Kane insisted on leaving and journeying through the night.

He didn’t care what the other sects did, but the sense of danger that remained on his mind unsettled him deeply.

“Are we ready?” asked Kane.

“We’re ready. A few of the injured have difficulty traveling. I’ve arranged for men to transport them in turns,” said Elder Percy. “Chief, must we leave tonight?”

“Let’s go,” Kane said curtly and with a nod.

“Yes, sir.” Elder Percy Ellis passed the order down accordingly.

Achilles Sect were soon ready to leave the base.

The other sects stood in the distance, confused over Achilles Sect’s hasty departure.

“I heard Kane say that they have some matters to attend to and have to hurry back. I wonder what the emergency is.”

“What other emergency could they have besides dealing with Clearheart Sect?”

“We should leave soon and restore our strength back in our sect. Two months later, we’ll be back to level the grounds of Clearheart Sect!”

Gaspar sat cross-legged in one of the tents at the base. In front of him was Mr Cedric.

Mr Cedric’s eyes remained as unfathomable as the depths of an abyss, one that you would find nearly impossible to get out of once you fell in.

There was a slight pallor to Gaspar’s complexion. His eyes looked lifeless, as if his soul had been sucked out of him.

“What are your orders, Mr Cedric?” droned Gaspar.

“I need you to do something for me.”

Mr Cedric’s voice sounded hypnotic, like something that had wormed into Gaspar’s ear and enveloped his brain in a spell that made it impossible for him to refuse anything that Mr Cedric wanted.

Gaspar nodded mechanically.

He felt as if he were trapped in a vortex. His head was swimming and his vision was blurry…

The night got increasingly darker.

“Hurry up! We have to leave this place,” barked Kane.

The party raced through the forest with torches in their hands. This was extremely dangerous, but no one dared to defy Kane’s orders.

The group marched away from the base and headed back to where Achilles Sect was based.

Kane couldn’t help but feel an acute sense of unease, but he couldn’t pin down what he felt uneasy about.

He turned around and stared. Even though he didn’t spot anything, he couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was staring at him in the dark.

“What’s wrong, Chief?” asked Elder Percy with concern in his voice.

He had never seen Kane behave in such a manner.

“Nothing. Be on your alert and protect our disciples,” said Kane.


A terrible scream pierced the air as soon as he said that.

Alarm flashed across Kane’s and Elder Percy’s faces instantly.

“It’s coming from the group of injured disciples!”

“Go take a look! Hurry!” Kane said hastily.

“Yes, sir!”

Elder Percy hurried over while Kane remained at the front of the party. The disciples around him were principal disciples of the sect. Compared to the injured, they were of higher priority to Achilles Sect.

“Ah! AH!”

Another scream of agony rang out.

“Who is it?”

It was Elder Percy’s voice. Sounds of a battle soon followed.

“Chief, we must go to Elder Percy’s aid!”

A few of his principal disciples left in a hurry to aid the elder when they realized what was going on.

Kane frowned. You couldn’t avoid what was to come forever. But he had not expected it to arrive so soon and for his opponent to be so relentless in his pursuit. He had forgone sleep and rest in order to hurry through the night and return to the sect.

But before he could give pursuit, a sudden wind lashed out at him.


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