Billionaire God of War Chapter 2139

Chapter 2139

Kane’s back tensed instantly.

He whirled around and thundered furiously. “Who is it?”

His voice boomed like thunder. Kane raised his staff, swung it sideways and held it before him.

He received no reply and was answered only by a streak of shadow charging towards him at lightning speed.

“HA!” Kane yelled, swung his staff and smashed it into the shadow without hesitation.

The collision resembled two metal bats smashing into each other mercilessly, resulting in a deafening thunder.

Kane stumbled a few steps back, retreating more than ten meters. His face was colored in shock.

He could not discern the attacker’s features clearly even though they had just exchanged blows directly. His attacker had blocked his staff with his bare fists. What a terrifying man.

Who could be so fast?

Could it be him?

Kane’s face darkened with solemnity. “All of you, stand back!”

A few disciples wanted to step forward and help, but Kane yelled at them immediately. “Run, now!”

He didn’t waste time talking after that. Tightening his fists around his staff, he charged forward again.

He attacked, stirring waves of fierce winds as he wielded the Diamond Staff, a staff that seemed to carry the weight of a mountain.

But the shadowy figure that was fighting him showed no fear as he blocked and countered Kane’s attacks effortlessly.

Alarm and fear surged inside Kane.

A fist came flying at him suddenly. Kane tried to block the attack with his staff, but he was a moment too late.

The fearsome blow landed squarely on his chest, the terrifying force of the blow smashing his chest in.

“The Diamond Fist!”

Kane’s eyes widened with anger and incredulity. He couldn’t believe that his attacker had tried to kill him with Achilles Sect’s renowned technique!

He struggled to get to his feet, but the streak of shadow was too fast. In the next moment, before he could rise to his feet, another fist came smashing at him again.

The fist grew bigger and bigger as it approached and filled his entire vision.

“It’s you!”

He saw it.

He saw his attacker’s face. But their proximity meant that he had no chances of escape.

Those eyes…

With a thunderous boom, Kane flew into the distance and landed heavily onto the ground, dying upon impact.

The shadowy figure didn’t spare a glance at him at all. He turned and vanished without a trace.

“Chief! Chief!”

“Chief, please get up! Chief!”

A few disciples rushed towards Kane, only to be greeted with the sight of blood staining their chief’s face. His chest had caved in and he had stopped breathing. They couldn’t tell how many of his ribs had been broken.

He was long dead.


“Elder Percy! Over here! Please, hurry!”

In the distance, Elder Percy heard the cries of his disciples. He abandoned his chase and dashed back to his disciples.

His eyes turned red instantly when he saw Kane fallen on the ground, dead.

“Who did this? Who did this?” He howled, his eyes red with fury.

He was overcome with regret. He shouldn’t have left in the first place. If they had stuck together, perhaps the murderer wouldn’t have been able to kill Kane that easily.

Everyone began to cry. No one could have expected Kane to be killed by someone else right in front of their eyes.

Elder Percy took a look at the wound and gasped sharply.

“The Diamond Fist!”

He couldn’t believe that the wound had been caused by the Diamond Fist!

Kane had died from Achilles Sect’s renowned Diamond Fist. He had been killed by a technique that he had been a master of!

The first person that popped up in Elder Percy’s head was Ethan.

Besides the members of Achilles Sect, Ethan was the only other person who knew the Diamond Fist. He had displayed his proficiency in the technique before Elder Percy.

“Elder, we must avenge the chief’s death!”

“We must avenge him!”

“We must find and kill his murderer!”

The disciples howled inconsolably. No one could have expected Kane to be killed and to die before their very eyes. Their eyes were filled with rage and hatred. How they wished they could find Kane’s killer and make him die an excruciating death!

“Let’s go!” Elder Percy barked out an order with a stern face. “Return to the sect immediately!”


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