Billionaire God of War Chapter 2140

Chapter 2140

Elder Percy remembered Kane’s instructions to leave immediately, even if Kane died.

But he had not expected Kane’s words to come true and for his death to arrive so swiftly.

The Diamond Fist!

Kane had been killed by Achilles Sect’s Diamond Fist!

The thought of that filled Elder Percy with anguish.


That was the first person that popped into his head. Ethan was the only person who was powerful enough, who knew the Diamond Fist and who could kill Kane with that particular technique.

But Kane had reminded him constantly to be wary of Mr Cedric and watch out for that man.

Who could the murderer be?

“Let’s go!”

He didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. They shouldn’t linger. He took Kane’s body back to Achilles Sect with him.

It didn’t take long for news of Kane’s death to spread.

He had been killed not long after leaving the base and he had been killed by someone who had attacked him with the Diamond Fist.

“It must be him.”

“It must be Ethan. Who else can it be?”

“I knew it. That punk had ulterior motives all along. He wanted to undermine the alliance amongst the six sects, isolate us, then take us out one by one!”

“I saw Ethan unleash the Diamond Fist and drive Elder Percy back. He’s a powerful fighter. He must be the one who killed Kane!”

The sect leaders of the other sects had not expected something like this to happen.

Kane had given Ethan his support and had been willing to give the latter a chance. But Ethan had killed him mercilessly!

The crowd was enraged!

Gaspar and some others simply looked on with a sneer on their faces. They had expected this. Clearheart Sect weren’t decent men at all.

It had been a ploy all along. That bastard, Ethan, had planned this from the very beginning.

Only five of the six sects remained. Achilles Sect had left. No one had expected Kane to die despite leaving first.

“Clearheart Sect is trying to take us out one by one. We can’t fall for their trap!”

“We must attack Clearheart Sect immediately and lay waste to the place. We must kill Ethan and avenge Kane!”

“I can’t believe that Kane is dead. Someone must answer for his death.”

The sect leaders were filled with fury. They couldn’t accept that Kane had been killed.

They were anguished by his death and humiliated for believing Ethan’s words in the first place.

It had been merely moments ago when Ethan had approached them to negotiate a ceasefire.

His reasons had been righteous and good.

He had spoken of a ceasefire for the sake of the disciples, for the lives of many who might die in the fight, and for the future of everyone in the mountain. But what had come out of it all?

He had actually murdered Kane instead!

Since he could kill Kane, he would definitely kill again. One of them might be next.

“Let’s go up the mountain!”

“Demand an answer from Clearheart Sect!”

“Demand that they hand Ethan over to us!”

The five sect leaders thundered.

Their disciples’ eyes had gone red with fury. It was as if they were the ones who had lost their chief.

Gaspar nodded. Someone started edging the crowd on and soon, everyone from the five sects had been mobilized and were headed for Clearheart Sect in a fury!

The masses arrived at the gates of Clearheart Sect within half an hour. The Third Elder, who had been standing guard at the gates, paled in alarm.

Hadn’t everyone agreed to a ceasefire? Why were they here again?

“Why are you here?” the Third Elder thundered.

“Bring Ethan here. Has he hidden himself after killing Kane?” Gaspar stared at the Third Elder. “We shouldn’t have trusted you. There’s no one decent in Clearheart Sect. Hand Ethan over. We only want him. We won’t touch anyone else.”

Alarm flashed across the Third Elder’s face.

Kane was dead?

That was impossible.

“Inform the chief,” he turned and whispered to his men.

Five of the six major sects had turned up at their door, but Achilles Sect was nowhere in sight. They could say anything they wanted without restraint, but they might have gone overboard with this baseless accusation.


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