Billionaire God of War Chapter 2141

Chapter 2141

“Where are the people from Achilles Sect?”

The Third Elder scoffed. “I don’t see a single person from Achilles Sect in your midst. Am I supposed to just take your word for it?”

“You think I’m talking nonsense, do you?” Gaspar sneered, then turned towards the sect leaders of the other sects.

“Kane is dead. He was killed last night,” Jericho said coldly as he narrowed his eyes. “Someone killed him with the Diamond Fist. Ethan is the only person who could have mastered the Diamond Fist within such a short period of time and kill Kane!”

The elders had seen it with their own eyes.

It had been here where Ethan had battled more than one elder and defeated Elder Percy with the Diamond Fist!

Their eyes wouldn’t deceive them.

A severe look settled on the Third Elder’s face. Had Ethan killed Kane?

He dared not consider the possibility of that being true.

“Stop wasting time and cease all that yammering. Let’s just charge inside!”

“Ethan’s going to escape if we wait any longer!”

Upon the sudden shouts, the massive crowd got ready to make a charge.

“How dare you!” thundered the Third Elder as he glared furiously at the crowd. “Do you plan to go against your word?”

“You broke your word first!” Gaspar bellowed angrily. “I know your devious ploy. You’re trying to undermine our alliance and attack us when we are isolated and without allies. How despicable of you!”

As he raised his hand, the disciples standing behind him got ready.

As soon as Gaspar gave the order, they would charge into Clearheart Sect.

“I didn’t expect the six major sects to be so unsure of themselves,” Ethan’s voice rang out like thunder, nearly deafening everyone.

Gaspar had asserted confidently that Titan Sect alone was enough to lay waste to Clearheart Sect.

But that wasn’t what he had just said.

Ethan walked out, with Liam and an army of disciples behind him.

They had been prepared for this. They had known all along that the other sects wouldn’t let them off that easily.

They had been right. Look who was here right now?

“Ethan, I didn’t think you’d dare to appear before us,” Gaspar said with a sneer. “I thought you would have escaped.”

“Why should I escape?” asked Ethan mildly. “You’re the one who’s afraid of me. Why should I run?”

Gaspar’s face darkened with fury.

He was no match for Ethan when it came to verbal sparring, but he dared not attack him physically too.

“You accuse me of killing Master Kane. Where’s your evidence?”

Ethan had expected that these people wouldn’t let Clearheart Sect go that easily, but he had not expected this particular excuse from them. And Kane of all people.

He had a favorable impression of the man. Those from Achilles Sect had been open to reason. Ethan couldn’t believe that he was dead.

“Someone killed Kane with the Diamond Fist. You must have done it. Who else could it be?” Jericho scoffed. “You’re a prodigy who can master other fighters’ techniques within a short period of time. You think we don’t know that?”

“Are you suggesting that I beat Kane with a technique that I learned within a short period of time and that he’d practiced and labored at for decades?” asked Ethan. “I’m not sure if you’re trying to compliment me or insult Kane.”

“Besides, where’s Achilles Sect? Their chief is dead. If they suspect that I was the one who killed him, why isn’t Elder Percy here? He should know best how well I wield the Diamond Fist.”

“No one from Achilles Sect is here. They’ve all left. The other five sects seem more worked up over their chief’s death than they are. What is the meaning of this? Why are you poking your nose into another sect’s business?”

“Stop your quibbling,” retorted Gaspar. “You’re the one who killed Kane.”

Everyone got ready to attack.

Ethan took a step forward. The look on his face darkened as he stared at Gaspar with eyes that seemed so cold, they could freeze Gaspar in his tracks.

A solemn look settled on Gaspar’s face. He felt the eyes of a predator on him and primal fear surfaced inside him uncontrollably.

“If I wanted to kill someone,” Ethan said frostily, “you would be the first person I’d kill.”


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