Billionaire God of War Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143

Ethan, the man who had been their greatest suspect, had been cleared of all suspicion suddenly. What was going on?

Unease churned inside everyone’s guts.

Someone as powerful as Kane had been killed. They knew that they were hardly as strong as he had been.

They might be the next one to be killed!

Ethan stood next to the Senior Elder and Liam, in front of an army of disciples that were united in will and spirit. If anyone tried to step forward and challenge them, they would answer the challenge and fight back fearlessly.

Clearheart Sect was no longer the Clearheart Sect of old. They knew what Ethan meant for them.

As long as Ethan was around, Clearheart Sect had hope. If Ethan was killed, Clearheart Sect would not survive either. No one would be able to.

“Chief, I don’t think it’s Ethan,” said Stede. “He had no reason to kill Master Kane.”

He eyed Ethan and arrived at that conclusion. He knew that Ethan wasn’t one prone to killing and only fought back when his wrath was incurred. He wouldn’t have let Stede off that easily otherwise.

“Are you sure?” Jericho frowned and asked.

Stede didn’t say anything more and simply nodded slightly.

He trusted his instincts. Someone else was behind Kane’s death. No one knew whom it was, but to put the blame squarely on Ethan now would be to fall for that person’s trap.

They would be making a terrible mistake.

“I’ll get to the bottom of this,” said Jericho. “Ethan, if I find out for certain that you’re the murderer, I’ll come back again and demand justice for Kane! Clearheart Sect can’t save you then!”

Having said that, he gestured at his disciples and led them away.

It wasn’t going to do them any good to get involved in this entanglement recklessly. The other sect leaders kept their silence as they observed the situation.

Besides knowing that Kane had been killed by the Diamond Fist, they had no evidence to prove that Ethan was the one who killed Kane. In addition, Achilles Sect’s absence was a blow to their confidence.

“Let’s go.” The chief of the Storm Peak Sect threw Ethan a glance before leading his sect away.

The other sects followed and left, leaving only Titan Sect standing there.

The stormy look and twisted features on Gaspar’s face made him look like a demon.

He glared at Ethan with unconcealed hostility in his eyes.

“I’m not going to be taken in by your lies,” said Gaspar.

Ethan didn’t bother mincing his words. With a raise of his hand, more than a hundred archers standing behind him got ready to attack.

“Anyone from Titan Sect who dares take a step forward will be killed on the spot.”

Gaspar’s pupils contracted. He had not expected such aggression from Ethan.

He pulled back the foot that was ready to step forward and nodded. “Fine. I’m going to wait for the day when you’re down on your luck and when Clearheart Sect is on the verge of destruction. You’ll be on your knees and begging me for mercy then!”

The other sects were long gone. Titan Sect couldn’t handle Clearheart Sect on its own.

He might not view Liam or the rest of Clearheart Sect as a threat, but he knew that Ethan wasn’t a character to be trifled with.

He was extremely gifted, powerful and intelligent as well. The average person wasn’t a match for him at all. Gaspar himself had been duped by Ethan in the past and when he had realized what had been going on, it had been too late.

Liam released a sigh of relief after watching the five sects leave.

“I can’t believe that Kane is dead.” The look on his face was grave. “Did that man do it?”

Ethan had warned him to be wary of Mr Cedric. The only person whom he could think of that might have done such a thing was that mysterious man.

The Senior Elder had looked into the man. No one in the mountain had heard of Mr Cedric. He wasn’t someone from the six major sects. Similarly, other sects had not heard of him before too.

It was as if he had arrived from a place beyond the mountain, like Ethan!


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