Billionaire God of War Chapter 2144

Chapter 2144

Why hadn’t anyone from the six major sects suspected a thing when this man appeared out of nowhere?

Liam found that incredulous.

He had realized almost immediately that Ethan had come from the world beyond the mountain when Ethan had first arrived at Clearheart Sect and that he wasn’t one of them. If Clearheart Sect had not recognized Ethan as an ally, the other sects would have had suspicions about Ethan.

Why hadn’t anyone suspected Mr Cedric at all?

Ethan frowned.

“Don’t let your guard down. His origins are mysterious. If he came from the same place that I did, I would know him.” After some thought, Ethan added. “Since he didn’t, we should find out exactly who he is.”

Liam and the Senior Elder exchanged a look. They knew that the situation had become more complicated.

This wasn’t a problem that only concerned the survival of Clearheart Sect anymore but a problem that concerned the major sects and everyone in the mountain.

Could one man cause such havoc and chaos in their world?

“What do you plan to do next? They must still suspect you. You did show them that you knew how to wield the Diamond Fist. You’re the only one who has the opportunity to kill Kane.” The Senior Elder looked slightly concerned. “At the moment, you’re still a suspect.”

He didn’t believe that Ethan was the murderer. He had no reason to kill Kane, nor would he do so.

They suspected that it was Mr Cedric, but they had no evidence to prove that. In addition, no one from the six major sects suspected Mr Cedric.

“Let’s pay a visit to Achilles Sect,” said Ethan. “I believe that they know something.”

They had not approached Clearheart Sect and caused a scene. It was clear that Achilles Sect knew that Ethan wasn’t the murderer or they would have come looking for him.

“It’ll be dangerous.” Liam shook his head. “The other sects are extremely hostile to you right now. There might be someone hiding out there, waiting to strike you down. I have a feeling that this is a setup meant for you all along.”

“A setup meant for me?” Ethan smiled. “That’s even better. I’d be worried if it wasn’t.”

A streak of blinding light flashed across his eyes.

Liam was momentarily dazed by the sight. He couldn’t believe the well of confidence that Ethan had in himself.

“I’ll instruct a few elders to accompany you,” said the Senior Elder. “They can watch your back.”

“There’s no need for that.” Ethan shook his head. “The elders should be guarding Clearheart Sect. Defending the sect is our top priority. Tegan and Gareth can join me. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

He had arrived at his decision instantly.

Clearheart Sect was their top priority. Nothing could happen to the sect. It was the final barrier to the world beyond the mountain, where everyone whom Ethan cared about resided.

“Tegan, Gareth!” shouted Liam.

The two brothers stepped forward immediately. “Father!”

“The both of you are to follow Ethan to Achilles Sect and find out what’s going on.”

“We understand!”

The brothers glanced at Ethan. They had some idea of what they might be about to face. Regardless, they had stared death in the eye once and they were ready to do it again.

“Ethan, your men…”

“They will remain at Clearheart Sect.” Ethan had spoken to Brother Geoff earlier. “Protecting the sect is of the utmost importance. If anything crops up, don’t worry about my men when you’re discussing how to handle it. They’ll do their job.”

“Alright.” Liam and the Senior Elder nodded solemnly. “Be careful.”

Ethan didn’t say anything. He simply led Tegan and Gareth away and headed for Achilles Sect.

As Lacey watched the three men walk away and disappear into the distance, she stopped hiding the worry that she was feeling and allowed it to show on her face.


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