Billionaire God of War Chapter 2145

Chapter 2145

“Don’t worry. He’s no ordinary man. He’ll be alright,” Liam comforted Lacey. “He took your brothers because he wanted to train them. He’ll definitely watch out for them.”

“Ethan’s the one that I’m worried about,” said Lacey.

Liam froze momentarily before smiling in exasperation. His daughter was all grown up now and beyond his control.

He didn’t waste any time at all. He discussed briefly with the Senior Elder and the other elders before shoring up the sect’s defenses, even going to the extent of using the mountain ants and whichever wild beasts that they would seize control over to boost the sect’s defenses.

Anyone who wanted to cause trouble at Clearheart Sect wouldn’t find an easy time doing it.


The five sects had returned to the base and were in the midst of gathering their things before returning to their own sects.

Kane’s death had put everyone on their guard and orders had been issued secretly. Everyone was to stay together instead of acting on their own. The sect leaders and the elders were especially careful to do so.

They weren’t going to give anyone the chance to ambush them.

The murderer had killed Kane right before the eyes of his disciples. He could kill them just as easily.

“Let’s leave together,” suggested Gaspar.

He did not voice his concerns but his worry was clearly displayed on his face and plain to see. “The journey back will be safer if we watch one another’s back.”

The other sect leaders did not disagree with him.

With so many powerful fighters gathered in one place, the murderer wouldn’t dare to try anything no matter how powerful he was.

Even the most powerful fighter wouldn’t be able to escape that easily when surrounded by the five sects.

The five sects gathered together and prepared to leave the base at the same time. They headed down the mountain with the intention of going their separate ways and heading back to their respective sects when they reached the main road.

The path was long and winding. They might be at the foot of the mountain, but it was still going to take some time to reach the main road.

Throughout their journey, everyone was on high alert, keeping their eyes wide open and not daring to let their guard down.

Gaspar sat in his sedan chair, his eyes half-lidded and seemingly resting.

Without any warning, he opened his eyes. A strange light flickered in their depths.

He beckoned Leroy towards him. The latter hurried over and leaned towards the chief.


At the utterance of that single word, Leroy nodded immediately.

Within moments, a deafening explosion erupted in the crowd’s midst.

Dirt and dust flew.

“An ambush! This is an ambush!” Jericho roared. He unsheathed his sword and surveyed his surroundings cautiously. “Who is it? Show yourself!”

No one answered him. The storm of dust and dirt surrounded everyone within a blink of any eye. Everyone tried desperately to escape to no avail.

They started to cough fiercely. Gaspar fell out of his sedan chair, then shrieked in alarm. “Poison! There’s poison in the air!”

He passed out the next moment.

Jericho, Raiden Powell and some of the others were instantly alarmed. They wanted to seal their acupoints but it was too late by then. The thick, gaseous poison had entered their bodies and left them powerless to fight it.

Their heads began to swim and their visions began to blur.

Everyone—sect leaders, elders and disciples—collapsed to the ground.

The dust gradually settled. The ground was littered with the prone, unconscious bodies of everyone from all six sects. No one was left standing after being poisoned.

After a long moment, Gaspar opened his eyes. A twisted smile tugged at his lips.

He sat up and surveyed his surroundings. Leroy woke up next, and was followed by the other elders and disciples of Titan Sect. They looked around them in bewilderment before arriving at a startling discovery.

Out of the six sects, only those from Titan Sect had escaped being poisoned.

“Take them back with us.”

Gaspar rose to his feet, brushed the dust off his clothes and eyed the fallen men on the ground with an icy look in his eyes.


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