Billionaire God of War Chapter 2146

Chapter 2146

He had finally taken all of them down.

Gaspar scoffed. They had sealed their fate the day that they had agreed to negotiate with Ethan and on the eventual ceasefire.

“Chief, what should we do with them?” asked Leroy.

Capturing the sect leaders of the sects were akin to having seized their respective sects by their throats. In order to successfully blackmail the sects, he still had some work to do though. It wasn’t going to be easy.

“Bring them back and lock them up. There are still many other elders left at their respective sects. All of them have to be captured before we can truly seize control over the sects,” said Gaspar. “It’s a pity that Achilles Sect slipped through our fingers.”

Kane’s death didn’t make up for that particular loss.

He had planned on seizing control over the other five major sects which would give him control over all six major sects.

The power that he would hold then would be unimaginable.

Everything would become a piece of cake. He could take over Clearheart Sect and any other sect with ease.

“I wonder if they will yield.” Leroy frowned. “These are difficult men.”

“Not when they have to deal with me. Everyone will bend to my will,” scoffed Gaspar. “Alright, get moving. Everything within this mountain will soon be ours.”

“Yes, Chief!” Leroy nodded.

Gaspar narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the unconscious men around me. It had taken him a lot of effort to arrive at where he was now. He had been left with no other choice. These scoundrels wouldn’t listen to him otherwise.

Nothing was going to get done if everyone had their own interests at heart.

He took a deep breath. His eyes looked dark and unfathomable. A wave of spasms rippled across his face suddenly and the next moment, he seemed to have forgotten what he was meant to do. It took him a long while before he became his normal self again.

Meanwhile, Ethan, Tegan and Gareth were on the way to Achilles Sect.

“Brother Ethan, will Achilles Sect attack us?” Tegan was a little worried.

Kane, the chief of Achilles Sect, had died.

He had been highly respected within the sect and had also been a figure of great influence and authority within the mountain.

Ethan was currently suspected of murdering him. If he were to turn up at their gates, Achilles Sect might attack and kill him and both brothers.

“That’s right. Achilles Sect must be enraged. I’m worried about turning up at their doors without any invitation.”

They weren’t worried about dying.

They didn’t mind dying if their deaths served a greater purpose than their being alive.

But there was no point in flagrantly seeking death.

“It’ll be fine,” said Ethan. “We’re paying our respects to Kane. They won’t attack us.”

Ethan was well aware that he had not killed Kane.

But he had not expected the culprit to kill Kane with the Diamond Fist. It was a move that framed him for the murder while clearing him of any suspicions of murdering Kane at the same time.

He looked at the brothers. “Anyway, they only want me dead. They won’t kill the two of you.”

“We’re not afraid to die.” Tegan shook his head. “We just find this whole matter bizarre. Don’t you feel the same way? Kane had been on our side during the negotiation. He had supported us. But he was killed the next day. Doesn’t that show that someone doesn’t want him on our side?”

“That’s right. Kane is a well-respected figure. We still respected him even when Achilles Sect became our enemy. It’s such a pity that he was killed by someone with evil intentions.”

Ethan eyed the brothers, then burst out into laughter. “You’re finally putting that brain of yours into good use.”

He didn’t say much. There was no point in explaining too much now. They would find out what was going on when they arrived at Achilles Sect.

Ethan urged the brothers to hurry up. There wasn’t much time left to be wasted.


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