Billionaire God of War Chapter 2148

Chapter 2148

“The murderer has not been identified and is still on the loose. How will Master Kane rest in peace?” Ethan said mildly. “Elder Percy, I believe this isn’t what you want for Master Kane.”

The elder’s face was slightly pale. He didn’t say a word and simply stared at Ethan silently.

“Both of us know that the murderer is someone else. Do you not wish for Master Kane’s death to be avenged and his murderer brought to justice?”

“There’s no murderer.” Elder Percy shook his head, his voice clearly trembling when he spoke.

He was filled with obvious aggrievement and resentment.

Ethan could tell.

“Our chief’s death was a result of an accident during his training. He got out of control and suffered grievous injury to his meridians. No one killed him. There must have been a misunderstanding,” droned Elder Percy as he spewed words that he found unbelievable.

But he had to say them.

The elder didn’t speak again. With a Buddhist gesture and a slight bow, he indicated that it was time for them to leave.

Ethan smiled wordlessly, got up and left.

Tegan and Gareth followed him with mild confusion.

They didn’t voice their bewilderment as they followed Ethan out of Achilles Sect.

When the three of them reached the foot of the mountain, Tegan finally blurted out. “Master Kane was clearly murdered. Why is Elder Percy trying to conceal the truth?”

The truth was plain for all to see. His attempts at concealment weren’t going to change what had happened.

“He’s trying to protect Achilles Sect,” said Ethan.

That was equally plain to see.

The elder must know whom the murderer was, but he dared not incur the latter’s wrath. The deaths might stop at Kane if he kept his distance from the murderer. Otherwise, it could mean the destruction of the entire Achilles Sect.

Ethan would have done the same. When you were not powerful enough, this was what you had to do sometimes. You had to swallow your pride even when someone was pushing you around.

But this was their chief’s death that they were talking about. Kane had been the pillar of Achilles Sect.

“We won’t be able to find any clues if Elder Percy refuses to tell us anything,” said Gareth. “But his statement does clear Brother Ethan of all suspicions. No one can be the murderer if there’s no murderer in the first place.”

He had been cleared of all suspicions but the real murderer was still out on the loose. Who could guarantee that he wouldn’t kill again?

Ethan gave the brothers a look and without a word, found a flat slab of rock and sat down.

He wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

Tegan and Gareth were still in a heated discussion about making further preparations in case anything unexpected happened.

After some time, they realized that Ethan didn’t seem to have any intentions of leaving. Realization struck them after a moment of surprise.

“Are we going back to Achilles Sect?”

Ethan nodded.

“Let’s wait a while.”


The brothers had spent quite some time with Ethan. They had realized what was going on within moments. They didn’t say a single word and instead, sat there quietly and waited for the skies to turn dark.

The moon rose into the night sky. Ethan opened his eyes.

“Wait here for me.”

“Alright. Please be careful, Brother Ethan,” said the brothers as they nodded.

Ethan disappeared into the night. Vanishing along with him were all traces of his presence. Tegan and Gareth were blown away by what they had just witnessed.

They couldn’t sense Ethan’s presence at all.

“He’s amazing,” said Tegan. “I doubt even the Senior Elder can do that. Where did we find the nerve to offend him?”

Shivers of terror coursed through Gareth.

They would have been dead if Ethan had decided to take their provocation seriously.

Fortunately, Ethan hadn’t taken their childish antics seriously. This was the first time they felt thankful for being a kid.

The brothers listened to Ethan, sat there obediently and waited.

Under the cloak of darkness, Ethan made his way swiftly to Achilles Sect.

He arrived at the altar and was greeted by the sight of Elder Percy, who was keeping vigil alone.


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