Billionaire God of War Chapter 2149

Chapter 2149

He had instructed the rest accordingly and delegated other tasks to them while he alone would stand vigil. He had done so because he was waiting for Ethan.

He knew that the man would come again.

Keeping his eyes fixed on the altar, Elder Percy did not turn around when he heard the sound of faint footsteps behind him.

“I had no choice. I hope you understand that. Not everyone can risk everything for justice. I know that you’re not the murderer and that it’s someone else. I even know who it is, but it’s not someone that I or Achilles Sect can offend.” He turned around and looked at Ethan. “You should know this better than I do.”

Ethan nodded.

“I know. I’m here not to persuade or make demands of you. Achilles Sect will decide for itself how to deal with its own affairs. I simply wish to tell you something.” He looked the elder in the eye. “You have a spy in your midst.”

Something flickered across Elder Percy’s eyes. He seemed to have thought of something. His pupils contracted as he stared at Ethan.

“Watch out for yourself.”

Having said that, Ethan turned and left without saying another word.

The sound of his footsteps faded as he disappeared into the distance. The look in Elder Percy’s eyes grew sharper as he knelt before the altar.

There was a spy in their midst!

He had suspected that there was a spy in Achilles Sect quite some time ago. The route which they had travelled from the base back to Achilles Sect had been decided by Kane the moment before they had left. They had not taken the main roads. No one should have realized where they had been.

There must have been a spy amongst them who had revealed their location, thus allowing the murderer the chance to make the necessary preparations.

That day, someone had attacked his disciples and lured him into coming to their rescue. He had fallen for the enemy’s trap and that had led to Kane’s death.

He had been ridden with guilt ever since.

“The person who ambushed our disciples…” Elder Percy clenched his jaw as his features contorted with murderous rage. “It’s someone from Achilles Sect.”

That was the only possible explanation.

He took a deep breath, then stared at Kane’s tablet.

“Chief, tell me what I should do. You entrusted Achilles Sect to me. I can’t risk everything to avenge your death.”

His greatest duty now was to protect Achilles Sect. Revenge? Of course he wanted revenge. He wished desperately that he could fight the murderer to the death. But what was going to happen to the sect then?

Elder Percy continued kneeling there, sighing heavily as he struggled to decide what he should do.

The sky gradually brightened.

It had been a sleepless night for him.

The sect’s disciples arrived early that morning to continue their prayers for Kane.

“Elder Percy, something terrible has happened!” A disciple dashed into the hall with a look of utter panic on his face. “Something bad has happened!”

The elder looked up to find anguish, panic and terror on the face of Kane’s principal disciple.

“What happened?”

“It’s the other five major sects, Elder…they’re in trouble!” The disciple fell onto his knees. His voice shook as he spoke. “The sect leaders and elders from the Goliath Sect, Storm Peak Sect, Thunder Step Sect, Titan Sect and Sea Gale Sect have been captured!”

“What did you just say?” Elder Percy blurted out in shock. What was going on? “Tell me exactly what happened!”

“The five sects were ambushed when they left Clearheart Sect. They were poisoned and couldn’t fight back…”

Elder Percy was stunned. Why would anyone do anything like that?

Was it that man? Perhaps Achilles Sect hadn’t been his only target. He had intended to take down all six sects.

Something wasn’t right though.

“Something’s not right!” Elder Percy’s face darkened. “Why would you know this when I know nothing about it…”

Before he was done speaking, a look of vicious savagery appeared on the face of the disciple kneeling before him. As the disciple raised his arm suddenly, a dagger slipped out from his sleeve and into his hand. He tightened his grip around the dagger and thrusted it at Elder Percy’s gut.

Elder Percy tried to dodge the attack to no avail and ended up with a cut on his stomach.

“You must be tired of living!” He thundered before smashing the Diamond Fist into the disciple’s crown. “I can’t believe you’re the spy!”


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