Billionaire God of War Chapter 2151

Chapter 2151

Kane was dead. He had nothing to make a bargain with Achilles Sect. But the sect leaders and elders of the remaining four sects were now in his hands. Gaspar could destroy the sect that refused to submit to his rule.

“I’ve discussed this with the Senior Elder. Even though this has nothing to do with Clearheart Sect, we can’t just stand by and do nothing.”

Their fates were bound with each other’s. If one perished, so would the other. They knew how this worked.

Gaspar wanted control over the five major sects and he wanted to unite them in power and strength. Who was he planning to attack with their forces?

It was probably Clearheart Sect.

Ethan nodded.

“You’re right. We can’t stand by and do nothing.” He gave everyone a look. “Let’s go. I’ll join you as well. Our top priority is to rescue the sect leaders and elders of the other sects.”

They had to do it not simply for Clearheart Sect but for the peace and safety within the mountain.

The peace and stability of the worlds within and beyond the mountain were equally important. Anything that affected one would affect the other too. Ethan knew that very well.

He did not hesitate as he joined Liam and Clearheart Sect in their charge to Titan Sect to rescue the rest.

Titan Sect was situated on a tall mountain that was obscured by thick clouds.

Towering majestically above a winding mountain range, the sect was an impenetrable fortress with strong defenses that could not be easily breached.

The path up the mountain was winding, long and ill-suited for mass armies who thought of attacking the sect. Elder Percy frowned slightly at the sight of the endless mountain path. He was certain that they would be faced with numerous ambushes on their way up.

“What do we do now?” someone asked.

“Have the other sects taken action?”

“Not yet. They’re probably trying to think of a plan.”

No one dared to abandon their chief and elders. These were the pillars of the sect. If they died, the sect wasn’t going to survive for long either.

Was submitting to Titan Sect’s demands their only option?

Their chief and elders would be forced to become Titan Sect’s puppets and for as long as they lived, remain under the control of the sect.

“We can’t wait any longer,” said Elder Percy. “As soon as they surrender and pledge their loyalty to Titan Sect, Gaspar, that scoundrel, will strike immediately. Everything’s going to be too late then.”

He gritted his teeth and looked at the men that he had brought along with him. There were too few of them. But time was running out fast.

“We’ll split up and ascend the mountain in groups. Every elder will lead a small team. Be careful and watch out for ambushes. Find a way to get into Titan Sect first before finding a way to save the prisoners.”

“Yes, sir!”

After issuing his orders, Elder Percy led his own team away and attempted to ascend the mountain.

The other elders had their own teams as well. They made their way slowly up the mountain, exercising extreme caution and watching out for traps and ambushes on the way up. They dared not move too quickly or recklessly.

Nevertheless, they encountered numerous ambushes that resulted in the deaths of a dozen or more disciples.

“Kill them! Kill them all!” Elder Percy thundered as he stared at the incoming arrows that had been fired from afar. Paying no heed to his injuries, he darted forward with the agility of a monkey and charged at his enemies.

The Diamond Fist was unleashed in a series of fierce and swift attacks.

He killed five archers in a series of blows, breached the defense and waved his hand. “Charge up the mountain!”

A sudden shrill sound pierced the air.

Before Elder Percy could do anything, an arrow had come flying towards him and pierced right through his palm, sending blood splattering.

Horrified, he dodged behind a tree.

“Hide! Everyone, hide yourselves!”

The next moment, the disciple who had been leading the party was shot dead by an arrow that pierced his skull.

A mist of blood exploded in the air.

“Hide yourselves!” Elder Percy thundered.

He stared at the gaping wound in his hand as tremors of pain coursed through his body. His lips twitched from the agony that he was feeling. What a terrifying archer!

He couldn’t discern where the archer was hidden.

He was the final line of defense. Every attack he unleashed was meant to kill!


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