Billionaire God of War Chapter 2152

Chapter 2152

Everyone retreated immediately. They dared not reveal their presence at all.

The terrifying archer hidden in the dark could kill with a single shot!

“Elder, your hand!”

Upon seeing Elder Percy’s wound, a few disciples’ eyes turned red instantly.

They knew that this wasn’t the only injury that the elder had sustained.

“I’m fine.” Elder Percy clenched his jaw and instructed someone to bring some medicine over. He scattered the medicinal dust over the wound, igniting intense agony that sent spasms rippling through his body. Throughout it all, he did not utter a single sound.

He bore the pain stubbornly.

After his wounds had been attended to, Elder Percy stared hard into the distance for a long time, but he could not discern where the archer was hidden.

The archer was extremely skilled. He had a feeling that even he would get killed with a single shot if he stepped out of his hiding spot right now.

“Don’t step out of your hiding spot,” said Elder Percy. “The archer is very skilled. Hide yourself.”

Everyone who revealed their location would be killed. He was no exception.

He had not expected Titan Sect to set up this trap for them. The archer was going to be their greatest hurdle.

Who could get past him?

Not the average disciple. Not even powerful fighters who were elders. They would be killed with a single shot.

“Elder, nobody’s going to be able to get up the mountain if we don’t do anything.”

“That’s right. What should we do? We can’t keep waiting.”

“I’ll draw him out!” someone yelled. He was one of the quicker ones. He might be able to draw the archer into making another attack and seize the chance to find out where he was hidden.

Upon saying that, the disciple dashed out before Elder Percy could stop him.

“Don’t go!”

It was too late. He had left his hiding place. Within a few steps, a shrill whistle pierced the air.

The disciple was as swift as lightning and he had been prepared for the shot. With a twist of his body, he dodged the first arrow.

“Humph! Let’s see you try and get me!” He thundered before attempting to zigzag across the forest. Before he could take his third step, a sharp whistle rang in the air again.

The arrow struck him in his heart.


Another arrow pierced right through his skull.

The screaming stopped.

Elder Percy’s eyes were red with anguish.

“No! Stop revealing your presence!”

He had lost a few disciples within a blink of an eye. His eyes were bloodshot as he thundered. “Hide yourselves and don’t come out of your hiding. This is an order!”

He wanted to save the five sects, but he didn’t want to see his own disciples die needlessly.

Staring into the distance, he couldn’t discern the archer’s location at all. Stepping out into the open recklessly was suicide.

Elder Percy’s breathing was uneven as he stared at his disciples. “Don’t go out there and get yourself killed.”

His disciples kneeled behind him, their eyes equally bloodshot. No one could have expected that they would be forced to stop their advance here. Who could the mysterious archer be?

They were not aware that Titan Sect had someone so skilled.

The rest of the party had slowly caught up with them. They were all stuck there, afraid to take one step forward.

Their repeated attempts had ended up in death by a single shot.

They had not expected the archer to be so terrifying.

“What should we do now? We can’t get past the archer.”

“Who could that be? How could he be so powerful?”

“Where is he hiding? Did any of you see him?”

The elders discussed in hushed tones amongst themselves. No one could tell where the archer was hidden. The arrows had come from different directions. The archer couldn’t possibly change his location every time he attacked. Perhaps there were more than one archer.

A grave look settled on Elder Percy’s face.

“We can’t get in.”

He was filled with exasperation and anxiety.

If they didn’t find a way around this, they wouldn’t be able to get into Titan Sect in time. When the other sects gave in and submitted to Titan Sect, there would be no point in them trying to reach Titan Sect then.

What was he to do?

He had no idea at all!


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