Billionaire God of War Chapter 2153

Chapter 2153

The elders tightened their fists as they suffered intense fury and helplessness that they had never experienced before.

They had thought of sending a group of men to serve as distraction while the rest of them attempted a charge into Titan Sect, but none of them could stomach the idea of sending their disciples to their deaths.

“Clearheart Sect is here!” Someone’s voice thundered suddenly. Elder Percy whipped his head up instantly.

Had Clearheart Sect arrived?

Why were they here?

“Chief O’Clear is here with his men!”

“Ethan is here too!”


Elder Percy’s heart fell from his throat back down into his chest when he heard the mention of Ethan’s name. He felt a strange and sudden lightness come over him, as if Ethan’s arrival was going to solve all their problems.

He had no idea why he felt that way.

Ethan arrived within moments. Next to him was Liam, Tegan and Gareth.

“Chief O’Clear, we weren’t expecting you,” said Elder Percy. “The six sects had tried to attack Clearheart Sect in the past. Yet now, you’re trying to save us.”

“Our fates are bound with one another’s.” Liam nodded. “Clearheart Sect is going to suffer too if Gaspar gets what he wants. We’re not doing this for you.”

He spoke honestly, without attempting to conceal anything.

Elder Percy nodded. He was still grateful.

“We’re stuck here.” He pointed at the forest ahead of them. “The forest is elevated. We don’t know how many archers are hidden there. They’re really skilled. Quite a few of my disciples have died.”

He gestured at his own hand. The bandages wrapped around it were soaked in blood.

Liam took a look and frowned. They were faced with archers whose shots even Elder Percy couldn’t dodge.

Where had Titan Sect found such incredible archers?

“That’s going to cause us some trouble. Is this the only way up the mountain?” he asked.

“It is. There used to be another path at the back of the mountain but Titan Sect sealed it. This is the only way up now.”

“Gaspar must be waiting for the other four sects to surrender and submit to his rule. That would give him complete power over five sects. If that happens, he’ll be able to do whatever he wants,” said Elder Percy. “What worries me is the possibility that Gaspar might not be the mastermind behind everything and that Mr Cedric is the one pulling the strings all along.”

That was his chief worry right now.


Ethan gave them a look before looking up and inspecting the forest ahead of them. His eyes scanned the forest like beams of x-ray and located a few possible locations the archers might be at within moments.

Ethan was the master when it came to assassination and infiltration.

He didn’t waste any time on words and prepared to make his way forward immediately. Elder Percy’s face paled with terror.

“Ethan! What do you think you’re doing?”

Ethan ignored him. As soon as he took his first step forward, a sharp whistle pierced the air.

Elder Percy felt a chill on his back. Was Ethan trying to court death?

An arrow flew right at Ethan. Without sparing the arrow a single glance, Ethan shifted his body minutely with a single light step and dodged the shot.

The arrow sunk into the ground barely ten centimeters away from Ethan’s feet. Everyone’s eyes widened with incredulity at the sight.

Ethan did not pause in his tracks and continued advancing. But his movements appeared incomprehensible and bewildering, and seemed extremely bizarre.

Shrill whistles pierced the air as multiple arrows flew towards Ethan at lightning speed.

Ethan walked as if he were taking a leisurely stroll in his own backyard. The arrows appeared to be frightened of him, steering away from him without even touching his clothes.


Elder Percy and the rest were stunned at the sight. His disciples’ eyes had widened as they witnessed the scene before them with disbelief.

What a terrifying man!

How did Ethan manage to do that? The archers seemed to be powerless against Ethan.

Before they could recover from their shock, Ethan had reached the forest and darted into its midst like a streak of lightning.


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