Billionaire God of War Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155

As the fist came smashing towards him, he lifted his arm instinctively to block it. But before he could raise his arm, the fist had landed squarely on his face.

The heavy blow sent him flying.

His nose was instantly crushed, spewing blood all over the place.

He howled in pain and tried to get to his feet for a counterattack. However, as soon as he opened his eyes, he was greeted with the sight of another incoming punch.

His head swam from the force of three consecutive punches and he nearly passed out. The metallic taste of blood flooded his senses even though his nose had been completely crushed.

His windpipe was choked with blood and he was on the verge of suffocation. Blood had stained his whole face red.

“You…” He struggled to open his eyes and tried to discern what Ethan looked like to no avail. “Who are you?”

Ethan did not answer him. He simply grabbed the man by his hair and dragged him out like a dead dog.

The archer struggled fiercely but it was all for nothing. He couldn’t even catch his breath, how could he free himself?

Trails of blood stained the earth as Ethan dragged the man out of the forest.

Elder Percy and the others were flabbergasted by the sight that greeted them.

They watched Ethan drag a man with a face stained with blood out of the forest. The latter looked terrible and didn’t seem to stand a fighting chance against Ethan at all…

Ethan had spent barely ten minutes in that forest.

He was simply incredible!

“There’s only one archer,” said Ethan coolly as he threw the man before them. “He’s not bad. Quite an accomplished archer.”

He didn’t add that this man would become one of the best assassins if he were to be brought out of the mountain and given proper training.


The archer looked up and mumbled unintelligibly. Blood continued to fill his mouth and nose.

He was one of the best fighters in Titan Sect but to Ethan, he seemed barely passable.

Fury filled his insides, but he had no grounds for refutation. He had been soundly beaten by Ethan without barely a chance to fight back.

“Tie him up!” said Elder Percy as he clenched his jaw in fury. “He killed a number of my disciples. I’m not going to let him off that easily!”

Ethan didn’t say a word. He simply turned and gave Liam and the rest a look.

“Alright, let’s stop wasting time. You should head up the mountain and try to hold Gaspar back for as long as you can.”

“What about you?” Liam knew what Ethan was not saying.

“I’m going in alone.” Ethan narrowed his eyes. “Either we get those prisoners out or we declare war on Titan Sect. You should prepare yourselves.”

An outright war would be the worst possible outcome. But Ethan wasn’t bothered. If it came to that, he would fight. He didn’t fear war. He was the God of War after all!

The god of all battles!

Having said that, Ethan slipped into the forest again and vanished within moments.

“Let’s move.” Liam nodded without any hesitation. “We’ll head up the mountain right now.”

“Let’s go.” Elder Percy issued a similar order.

The two sects made haste and hurried up the mountain. No one stopped them. Within half an hour, they arrived outside the gates of Titan Sect.

There were guards defending the gates. With their bows ready at hand and their arrows drawn, they seemed to know that the two sects were coming.

Elder Percy eyed the sharp arrowheads aimed at their people with a somber look on his face.

“Gaspar!” bellowed the man with a voice like thunder. “Are you trying to make a mess out of our world? Turn back while it’s not too late!”

His thunderous voice rang out and traveled into the sect. It took some time before he received a reply from Gaspar himself.

“Hahahaha! You want me to turn back now?” Gaspar laughed. His laughter grew louder as he approached the gates. “I’ve turned around and taken a look. All I see is an abyss that has no end in sight!”

Gaspar arrived like the wind. He barked out a curt laugh at the sight of Liam and Clearheart Sect.

“Percy, if you kill Liam and everyone from Clearheart Sect, I’ll consider turning back one more time.”


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