Billionaire God of War Chapter 2156

Chapter 2156

From the sarcastic tone in Gaspar’s voice, it was plain to everyone that he wasn’t going to give up.

It had taken him a lot of effort to capture the sect leaders and elders of the other sects. They were his trump card. He simply needed to hold his ground for a little longer before the other sects caved and submitted to his rule.

“Gaspar, cease your erroneous ways!” thundered Liam. “You’ve been deceived. You’re being used. Can’t you see that?”

Liam surveyed his surroundings but couldn’t see Mr Cedric anywhere.

He might not be able to find this mysterious man even if he had been standing in the crowd. No one could sense his presence at all. Ethan had told him that and had warned him to be careful.

His ability to eliminate his presence completely despite being physically present was a terrifying one.

Gaspar’s current situation was a result of being manipulated by Mr Cedric. But the man was not aware that he was being used at all.

Gaspar burst out into laughter.

“Hahahahaha! You think I’m making a mistake? I’ve seen the light! How I wish that I’d seen it sooner.”

“Liam!” he thundered. “Your death and the fall of Clearheart Sect is the best possible outcome. You should know that. Don’t you know that this world is on the verge of collapse? We are left with no other choice but to venture outside the mountain and seek more resources. Join me and submit to my rule. I promise that your sect will survive for many generations to come. But if you try to stop me…”

An icy glint flashed in his eyes.

“…I will kill all of you!”

Gaspar didn’t want to waste any more time talking. With a wave of his hand, the archers behind him readied themselves for attack at a moment’s notice.

As soon as Gaspar issued the order, they would kill Liam and everyone else mercilessly.

Liam, Elder Percy and the others frowned. They knew that Gaspar had gone out of his mind. Mr Cedric had brainwashed him and was in control of his mind. Perhaps Gaspar had no idea what he was doing now.

“We’ve got to keep him here for as long as we can,” Liam said in a hushed tone. “Ethan will find a way to save the prisoners. What we have to do now is to slow Gaspar down.”

Elder Percy nodded. He took a deep breath, exchanged a look with Liam, then twisted to the side sharply. His blade appeared at Liam’s neck.

“Gaspar! Are you speaking the truth when you said that you will allow Achilles Sect to continue standing if I kill him?”

Clearheart Sect began to panic.

“Elder Percy! What are you doing?”

“Stop! Don’t do anything rash, Elder Percy!”

Tension filled the air as the two sects eyed each other with hostility.

“Hahahaha! Everyone’s watching out for their own interests. Let’s not judge one another.” Gaspar couldn’t control his laughter as he observed the scene before him. “That’s right. Kill Liam and everyone from Clearheart Sect and I will give you the chance to pledge allegiance to Titan Sect. Achilles Sect won’t be destroyed and will survive for more generations to come. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

This was what he wanted to see. He found immense pleasure in watching Elder Percy and Liam tear each other apart. He wanted these seemingly righteous men to fight and kill each other to protect their own selfish interests.

Liam unleashed an attack, shoving Elder Percy’s blade away with a smack of his palm. A fight broke out between the two men instantly.

“Elder Percy, are you honestly going to kill me?” thundered Liam.

“I’m sorry! I have no other choice!” roared Elder Percy as he unleashed the Diamond Fist and engaged in a fierce battle with Liam.

The two men fought ferociously as everyone around them looked on anxiously and kept their distance.

Gaspar burst out into laughter as he looked on with glee. This was what he had been dying to see.


Ethan had already made his way inside Titan Sect.

He had taken on the identity of an unassuming disciple of the sect. No one spared him a second glance as he walked down the courtyard.


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