Billionaire God of War Chapter 2157

Chapter 2157

Ethan kept his head down as he made his way carefully through the courtyard, walking past numerous people who didn’t spare him a look at all.

He could sense an aura of solemnity hanging in the air. Every disciple appeared to be taut with tension. They were clearly struggling to maintain their composure in the current situation.

“I have to find out where the prisoners are kept as soon as possible.” Ethan frowned slightly.

The compound of Titan Sect was vast. It wasn’t going to be easy to locate where the prisoners were being held without taking some time.

Ethan knew that his enemy wasn’t Gaspar, but the mysterious Mr Cedric.

His instincts told him that Mr Cedric wanted to get his hands on the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. In fact, the man probably knew that Ethan had the manual. To be more precise, he knew that the manual was located beyond the mountain.

With his abilities, he could have approached Clearheart Sect, seized control of the sect, its elders and Liam, and forced the gates to the world beyond the mountain open. Wouldn’t that be more straightforward?

Why would he spend all that effort in seizing control over Gaspar, manipulating the sects into forming an alliance and sending the world within the mountain into utter chaos?

Ethan couldn’t figure that out.

But this wasn’t the time for that anyway.

“Come on, hurry up! We’ve got to deliver these now.”

“It’s for those fellows. Why are we in such a rush?”

“What do you know? Are you willing to shoulder the responsibility if anyone died from starvation?”

In the distance, a dozen or so men were cursing as they walked down the corridor with wicker baskets in their arms. Ethan lifted his head instantly.

He smelled something fragrant. Was that food in those baskets?

Judging by the size and number of wicker baskets he could see, they must be feeding quite a large group of people. The sect should have a canteen where everyone could have their meals. There shouldn’t be a need to transport so much food somewhere, unless…

Something flickered in Ethan’s eyes. He followed the group quietly, surveying the surrounding cautiously as he trailed them.

His caution had not been in vain. It took time to travel these dirt paths on the remote areas of Titan Sect and guards could be found guarding every stretch of every path.

Ethan deftly evaded these guards the entire journey and was finally greeted by the sight of a cave.

Ethan waited outside as the men carried the wicker baskets into the cave.

It didn’t take long for them to emerge from the cave again with empty wicker baskets. This must be the place where they were keeping the prisoners.

He had to find a way inside, then find another way to bring them out.

Ethan frowned slightly. After some thought, he decided not to break into the cave without a plan. Instead, he turned and left.

Things were going to be easier now that he knew where the prisoners were being kept.

He came back outside, where Liam and Elder Percy were still engaged in battle. They were equally matched. Neither could defeat the other.

Their disciples were barely restraining themselves as their elders held them back from attacking the other sect.

It was then that Percy and Liam turned their eyes towards the crowd and caught Ethan nodding at them. Their palms shot out and smashed into each other, driving both of them back and ending the fight. Both men panted heavily.

“Why did you stop?” Gaspar was still enjoying the show. “Elder Percy, it appears that you’re not that capable after all. You can’t even kill Liam.”

He had realized from the beginning that the two men had no intention of killing each other. They had been putting up a show for him.

He was happy to enjoy the performance that they put up. He had all the time in the world. Liam’s delay tactic didn’t worry him.

“Gaspar…” Percy gritted his teeth. “Don’t force my hand!”

“That’s exactly what I’m doing. What can you do about it?” Gaspar barked out a mirthless laugh. “Let me say this again. You have no other choice. You can help me finish what I’ve started or watch as I seize power over the five sects and do it myself.”

His lips were twisted into a terrible smile as he eyed Elder Percy with a faint look of provocation.

“Master Kane’s dead. There’s no point in keeping Achilles Sect around.” With a wave of his hand, the archers began to gather more closely together. He had lost his patience. These games tired him. “Kill anyone who tries to get near.”


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