Billionaire God of War Chapter 2164

Chapter 2164

Was this really the chief’s favorite soup?

He had made the right move then.

Ethan didn’t say anything. Instead, he left the kitchen, grabbed a broom by the door and started sweeping. He watched as a few men carried dishes out of the kitchen and delivered them to Gaspar.

“Hurry up! Don’t spill the soup! Don’t you have eyes? Watch out! Hurry, the chief wants his meal now!” Curses sounded in the air. The chef had quite a temper and began shouting when he realized how few men he had in the kitchen. “Everyone’s out delivering meals to those prisoners. I don’t have anyone left to help me out!”

He turned, caught Ethan sweeping by the door and beckoned him over with great annoyance. “Why are you still sweeping the floors? Hurry up and help get these dishes delivered!”

Ethan smiled. “But I’m not done with the floor yet.”

“Don’t bother with that. Deliver these dishes. We’re running late!” yelled the chef.

Ethan placed the broom down hastily and hurried into the kitchen. He lifted one of the plates and walked out carefully. The chef was pleased by his caution.

“Keep your hands steady, you hear me?”

Ethan followed the men ahead of him and carried the dish towards where Gaspar was going to have his meal.

Titan Sect was a grand place. Gaspar was someone who clearly knew how to enjoy the material luxuries that life had to offer. His residence resembled the royal palace.

His dining quarter spanned a hundred feet and was decorated with elegant, antique furnishings.

His round table was carved from solid wood and could seat twenty people. But Gaspar was the only one who dined at the table. Nevertheless, every meal had the table filled with a few dozen dishes.

What an extravagance.

“Place them carefully.” The man who stood next to the table instructed the disciples on where to place the dishes. Each dish was placed according to Gaspar’s dietary preferences.

Dishes that he enjoyed were placed nearer his seat so that he could see them. Those that he did not enjoy were placed further because he wouldn’t touch them anyway.

“Is that soup? Place it in the middle.”

Ethan looked up and saw the poisoned soup sitting in the center of the table. It was right in front of Gaspar’s seat. He would see it as soon as he looked at the dishes on the table.

Gaspar must really love the soup.

Ethan sat the dish he was holding on the table, walked away and stood at one side with the others. He didn’t stray too far from the table though.

Gaspar arrived within moments.

Dressed in finery, he exuded an air of authority and power. He looked good. It was clear that things were going his way.

“Chief, your meal has been served,” said the man standing next to the table in a deferential tone.

Gaspar didn’t say a word as he sat down and leaned back. He didn’t lift his finger at all. With a single glance, he told the man what he wanted to eat. The man would pick up his chopsticks and place food on Gaspar’s plate, then send said food right to his mouth.

Gaspar took one bite and spat the food out. A terrible look darkened his face.

“Make sure this dish never appears on the table again.”

“Yes, sir.” The man appeared fearful as he nodded profusely. He threw a glance at one of the men standing along the side of the room who then took the dish away immediately and removed it from Gaspar’s sight.

“This one.”

Gaspar pointed at another dish. The man standing next to him served him immediately.

Gaspar chewed slowly, then nodded in approval. His eyes landed on the soup. The man immediately knew what Gaspar wanted. He filled a bowl with soup and placed it before Gaspar.

Gaspar raised his hands this time, lifting the spoon and taking a sip. He smacked his lips, hummed in approval, then emptied the bowl.

Out of the many dishes on the table, the soup was his favorite.

Ethan watched from afar as Gaspar drank the soup, then waited patiently for the poison to take effect.

Gaspar took his time, as if he were genuinely relishing the meal. He took a few bites from each dish and only tried seven or eight dishes out of the dozen before he was done.

“Take them away,” said the man in charge when Gaspar nodded.

Ethan and the other men rushed to the table and began to clear the table. Some of the dishes were completely untouched, to the delight of those men. What luck! Those dishes were going to end up in their stomachs.

“Hm?” Something flickered in Gaspar’s eyes then.


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