Billionaire God of War Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170

Leroy had seen Mr Cedric numerous times and had even engaged in conversation with him. Yet, this was the first time that Leroy had remembered that the man existed in the first place.

What a terrifying thought.

Someone who had not experienced the same thing wouldn’t be able to believe that this was possible.

Leroy frowned. After calming down, he carefully went through everything that had happened recently in his head.

Everything had seemed perfectly normal. Sending someone to infiltrate Clearheart Sect, attempting to form an alliance with Clearheart Sect through a marriage between both families so that they could place their own in the sect, even falling out in the latter stage and forming an alliance with the other five great sects to launch an attack on Clearheart Sect—these had seemed like events that had occurred naturally.

They wanted to survive. For the sake of survival, they would do anything—even risk their own lives.

But things had changed.

Gaspar seemed to have been brainwashed and had become a madman.

He had wanted to kill the other sect leaders like how Kane had been killed!

Something horrifying struck Leroy then. The thought of Kane led him to a terrible realization.

“Could it be?”

They had been convinced that Ethan had been the one who had killed Kane. But if that were truly the case, why hadn’t Achilles Sect confronted Clearheart Sect and demanded to have Ethan? Why had they allied themselves with Clearheart Sect and approached Titan Sect to demand answers?

Without any hesitation, he rose to his feet and headed for the back of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Ethan was following the other disciples to the cave at the back of the mountain. It was mealtime once again.

His attempt at finding the antidote by poisoning Gaspar had not worked.

The man was excessively and almost compulsively cautious. Even his butler, who had served him for so many years, had not escaped his suspicions. There seemed to be nobody whom he trusted at all.

If an antidote truly existed, he would keep it on him.

“Hurry up and eat!”

“You’re just a bunch of dogs. Aren’t you supposed to be all powerful? If you’ve got guts, you’ll starve yourselves instead.”

“Hahaha! Look at you, eating the food that’s fallen on the ground. What a good dog.”

“Our dear esteemed sect leaders and seniors, where’s your pride?”

The disciples jeered loudly as they watched the sect leaders and seniors swallow their pride and suffer humiliation and insults in order to preserve their strength. It felt amazing.

“Do you know what to do now?” The man in charge of the disciples said as he eyed Ethan. “That’s how you do it. You don’t have to play nice. They’re going to be stuck here for the rest of their lives, like dogs trapped in a cage.”

“Isn’t this a pity? The days of your glory have passed. Are you upset?”

The prisoners remained silent. They would’ve killed these disciples if they weren’t poisoned and rendered weak and powerless.

“I’ll think of something,” whispered Ethan as he gave Elder Percy a look.

He was about to leave the cave when he heard a voice ringing outside the gate.

“Greetings, Elder Leroy.”


Ethan frowned slightly. Why was he here?

The gates to the prison swung open. Ethan and the rest fell into two rows on each side of the gate immediately. Leroy strode in.

Elder Percy and the other prisoners remained seated on the ground. They cranked their necks and glared at Leroy with a stormy look on their faces.

“Greetings, Elder Leroy!” the man who was in charge of the other disciples said deferentially before approaching Leroy with the intention of currying favor with the elder. “You don’t have to worry. We’ve been taking good care of these prisoners.”

Leroy paid him no heed as he stared at the prisoners sitting on the ground. The ground was littered with food, some of which had been trampled on. There was food dirtying some of the elders’ faces and hair.

“Elder Leroy, these old men haven’t figured out their place yet. They had the nerve to oppose Titan Sect. I’ve punished them for their audacity!” the man in charge said with a hint of smugness, then waited for Leroy to praise him for his good work.

“Is this how you’ve been treating our prisoners?” Leroy turned and leveled an icy glare at him.

Before the man could say anything, Leroy sent his palm flying across the former’s cheek and sent him flying. The man crashed loudly into the wall and landed heavily on the ground. The collisions made him howl in pain.


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