Billionaire God of War Chapter 2171

Chapter 2171

“These are the sect leaders and elders of the other great sects. Their imprisonment doesn’t change that fact. How can you not accord them basic respect?” thundered Leroy furiously. “How dare you humiliate them in this manner!”

His furious roar sent the disciples falling to their knees. They had not expected Leroy to fly into such a rage for these prisoners.

These prisoners who were currently sitting on the ground, with their faces dirtied and their hair in disarray, were elders like Leroy too.

They might have been captured and imprisoned, but they should not be abused in such a manner.

“Hm?” Leroy turned around and narrowed his eyes when he saw Ethan still standing. “You don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, do you?”

“What I think doesn’t matter. What matters is what Elder Leroy thinks is right,” said Ethan mildly as he looked Leroy in the eye.

He had not expected Leroy’s reaction.

He remembered that Leroy had been the crazy extremist amongst them all. Yet, now, he was showing compassion to the other sects’ sect leaders and elders. He seemed a changed man.

When he heard Ethan’s words, Leroy fell into a long silence before finally speaking. “It’s you. You managed to infiltrate Titan Sect within such a short period of time.”

An icy glint flashed in Leroy’s eyes. He stared at Ethan quietly instead of launching an attack or calling for reinforcements to arrest Ethan.

Leroy walked up to the disciples who had delivered the meals. Then, with a sudden raise of his hand, he hit them right in their crowns, shattering their skulls and killing them on the spot.

The prisoners were stunned by the sight.

They had no idea what Leroy was up to. They couldn’t believe that he had killed his own men without even batting an eyelid.

“Are you trying to keep my presence a secret?” said Ethan. “You might actually stand a chance if you try to seize me now.”

“You underestimate me,” said Leroy. He approached the prisoners and said in a deep voice. “My fellow comrades, Titan Sect has no intention of causing offense to you. You’re here because someone has set us up. I only have one question right now.”

Leroy turned towards Elder Percy. “Who killed Master Kane?”

His eyes flashed sharply as he waited for the answer to the only question that he cared about right now.

“Is it him?” He pointed at Ethan. Jericho and the others had no idea what was going on. They didn’t know that it was Ethan. Leroy had been the first one to realize who he was.

This had nothing to do with Ethan’s skill at disguising himself and had everything to do with how he had spoken to Leroy. Ethan was the only person who spoke to Leroy this way.

“It’s not him,” said Elder Percy. “I think you already know who it is.”

Leroy’s pupils contracted when he heard that.

He had guessed correctly.

The murderer was Mr Cedric.

The man was a terrifying opponent. He had killed someone as powerful as Kane.

“I understand.” Without saying another word to the prisoners, Leroy turned towards Ethan. “Come with me.”

Elder Percy was struck by a faint sense of unease and worry.

Ethan nodded at him as an expression of comfort. The elder didn’t need to worry for him. He might be alone in hostile territory, but Titan Sect hardly stood any chances at capturing him. They could forget about trying to kill him.

He followed Leroy out of the prison, then eyed the latter when they were outside.

“You knew right from the start that there was something wrong with Mr Cedric, didn’t you?” Leroy asked plainly.

“That’s right,” said Ethan. “I realized it during the negotiation. You seem to have realized that there’s something wrong with him now.”

Mild surprise flickered across Leroy’s eyes. If he had not done the necessary preparations and taken a pill to preserve his reason, he might still be kept in the dark.

“Why didn’t you tell us anything?”

Ethan smiled wordlessly. Leroy knew that they had been in opposing camps then and that they might not have believed Ethan even if the latter had told them the truth. In fact, that might have alarmed the enemy unnecessarily.

He had not been aware of Mr Cedric’s secret then. Why would he believe Ethan?

“So,” said Ethan. “What do you plan to do? Are you going to let this go on and let yourself be used by someone else or are you going to think carefully about what you’re supposed to do?”


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