Billionaire God of War Chapter 2173

Chapter 2173

The inability to detect Mr Cedric’s presence hindered their ability to get anything done. They couldn’t expose him for his malicious intentions, nor could they try to fight him.

Gaspar could use his position as the sect’s chief to stop Leroy from doing anything.

And if he were to be killed, Titan Sect would be doomed.

“What do you want me to do?” Leroy took a deep breath and looked Ethan in the eye. He could tell that this wasn’t going to be easy. Their enemy was a terrifying opponent and a single mistake could cost them their lives.

Even someone like Kane had not escaped death. Mr Cedric was no weakling. It wouldn’t take him too much trouble to kill Leroy.

“I need the antidote,” said Ethan. “We have to save the sect leaders and elders. We’ll have enough men on our side to fight Mr Cedric then. We can’t count on you fighting him alone.”

Leroy kept quiet. Ethan had a way of infuriating people with his words. He left his most provocative statements to the very end and these words usually were infuriating to the point of inspiring violence.

He tried to rein in his anger. “I’ll think of a way to get the antidote. What do we do after that?”

“We’ll decide when the time comes.” Ethan didn’t want to waste time talking to a fool. He used to think that Leroy was a decisive man with an acceptable level of intelligence. But now this man was asking him stupid questions. “We don’t know anything. How are we supposed to plan anything? We’ll figure it out when the time comes.”

Having said that, Ethan turned and left.

Leroy took a deep breath, then told himself that this was only a temporary arrangement. When they were done with Mr Cedric, he would find a way to kill Ethan.

He wouldn’t be able to live with himself otherwise.

The elder tried to calm himself down as he watched Ethan disappear into the distance. Titan Sect was stuck in a precarious situation right now. He had to save the sect in time, or else it would be destroyed.

His top priority was to find the antidote, then free the sect leaders and elders of the other sects so that the six sects could join forces and confront their common enemy.

Therein lay the problem. Gaspar had the antidote. He had not entrusted the antidote to anyone, not even the butler, who had been his most trusted servant. He wasn’t going to entrust the antidote to Leroy.

The elder frowned. This was going to be a challenge. He had to find a way to steal the antidote off Gaspar’s person, and he had to do it as soon as possible.

Leroy returned to his residence and summoned his most trusted man.

“What’s the situation like at the other sects?”

“Elder, Storm Peak Sect is considering surrendering and accepting our sect’s conditions. There’s intense debate in the other sects but they’re not going to last very long before they do the same.”

After all, their chief and elders had been captured and they couldn’t remain leaderless for long. They had no other option right now but to submit to Titan Sect.

“Think of a way to send them a message,” said Leroy. “Tell them that Titan Sect won’t release their chief and elders even if they were to agree to submit to our sect’s rule.”

“What?” His man froze momentarily. He had not expected such words to come out of Leroy’s mouth. “Elder Leroy, they’re not going to surrender then. They might decide to risk a fight to the death.”

“Do as I say,” said Leroy as he nodded. “The more furious they become, the better. You’re the master when it comes to things like that.”

“Yes, Elder Leroy!” the man replied immediately.

He would do anything that Leroy ordered him to do.

Leroy sat there with a frown on his face. Time was of the essence.

How was he going to get the antidote from Gaspar?

Meanwhile, Gaspar was still cooped up in his study, reading the same book that he had been reading. Something strange seemed to have come over him.

His face was flushed, as if it had been scalded, but his body was freezing and as cold as a slab of ice.

Currents of air encircled and flowed around him. It was a bizarre sight to behold indeed.

His eyes looked the strangest of all. They seemed bright and clear one moment, then lost and confused the next. Then, in the next moment, they looked empty and lifeless, as if his soul had left his body completely…

“When you master the demonic technique, you will become the most powerful man in the mountain,” Mr Cedric said with the voice of the devil as he stood next to Gaspar.


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