Billionaire God of War Chapter 2174

Chapter 2174

Mr Cedric’s features were twisted into a terrible look.

It was a face that was contorted into a smiling face and a sorrowful look, and neither at the same time. Looking at him was akin to staring at the face of the devil.

“How do you feel?” He asked mildly and with a gravelly voice as he eyed Gaspar.

“I feel incredible. This is amazing!”

Gaspar seemed lost in another world. His eyes were half-lidded and the look on his face was that of confoundment. His skin had taken on a blackish tone. He looked as if he had been poisoned.

Mr Cedric nodded at the sight. He patted Gaspar on the shoulder lightly, then leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Keep going then. Just keep going.”

Gaspar inhaled deeply, shut his eyes and allowed himself to immerse fully in his world.

Mr Cedric turned around, stepped into the darkness and vanished without a trace.

Gaspar was left alone in the study.

He opened his eyes an hour later. Something had changed significantly. The look in his eyes had become sharper and more bloodthirsty. There was a bright edge to it.

One could see a cloud of black mist moving and shifting in his eyes.

He got up. He felt an endless well of power filling him and a stream of heat coursing in his veins and threatening to erupt from his body.

Gaspar let out a long breath. His body felt light. “This feels incredible. I had no idea that there’re tons of such antique books hidden in the world beyond the mountain. Titan Sect’s going to become the most powerful sect in the mountain if we can get our hands on those books!”

They might surpass themselves and become a legend.

His eyes shone with a bright light and the cloud of black mist disappeared within moments. He seemed to be himself once more.

Gaspar pulled the doors to the study open and squinted at the sunlight pouring into his eyes. The light was a little blinding.

“Chief,” the guards standing at the door greeted him.

“Plant two trees in the courtyard right over there. The sunlight is too glaring.”

“Yes, sir.” The guards seemed a little taken aback, but they dared not voice their opinions.

They could move a mountain into the courtyard if that was what Gaspar wanted. It hardly mattered that Gaspar was the one who had requested that no trees be planted in the courtyard because he didn’t want anything to block out the sun.

What had made him change his mind?

“Chief, Elder Leroy came earlier. He wished to know if you have time tonight. The chief’s presence is required for the ancestral worship.”

“Ancestral worship?” Gaspar nodded. “I nearly forgot about that.”

He paused for a moment. “Tell Leroy that I’ll be there.”

Ancestral worship was an affair of utmost importance. Titan Sect was getting more powerful and on its way to becoming the strongest sect in the mountain. They had to let their ancestors know.

The sect’s achievements would not have been possible without Gaspar’s leadership.

He was the hero of the sect and its greatest champion!

Gaspar was going to share his achievements with his ancestors and tell them how proud he was of what he had done.

The guard nodded and raced off to inform Leroy.

Meanwhile, Leroy was making preparations for the ancestral worship tonight. He knew Gaspar. The man would agree to attend and he would make time for it.

It was mandatory for the chief to participate in ancestral worship. Besides, Gaspar must be proud of what he had done for the sect. He must think that he was the sect’s greatest champion. He was definitely going to speak to their ancestors about his contributions during ancestral worship.

Leroy turned and eyed Ethan, who was standing next to him.

“We have one chance. We’re doomed if this fails.”

Ethan simply listened quietly.

“Gaspar will attend the worship tonight. I will draw the others away so that he will enter the ancestral hall to commune with our ancestors. Everything will fall on you then. Our efforts will be wasted if you don’t manage to get the antidote from him. Make sure you don’t kill him unless you are left with no other choice.”

Leroy’s eyelid twitched.


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