Billionaire God of War Chapter 2175

Chapter 2175

Leroy knew that Ethan was an incredible fighter. He had seen the limits of Gaspar’s abilities. But when it came to Ethan…

After all this while, he had not seen what Ethan was truly capable of. None of the elders could force him to reveal all his cards.

Gaspar was being manipulated by Mr Cedric. He didn’t deserve to die for it. Titan Sect needed its chief.

“Did you hear what I just said?” Leroy began to panic when Ethan didn’t say a word.

He was genuinely worried that Ethan might kill Gaspar.

“Yes,” said Ethan plainly as he nodded.

They had discussed earlier and agreed that Leroy would get Ethan into the ancestral hall while Ethan would hide himself and find a chance to make a move later that night.

Time passed steadily.

Soon, night fell.

Leroy was the one who made preparations for the ancestral worship that took place every month. There were rules on who could attend ancestral worship, where each person was to stand and who was allowed to speak.

The sky gradually darkened.

“Watch out, don’t knock those wreaths over.”

“Move a little to the side. You’re standing in the way.”

The servants were busy with the final preparations. Those who were supposed to attend the ancestral worship had begun to arrive.

“Elder Foster, you’re supposed to light the incense sticks tonight,” said Leroy as he looked at the other elder. “It’s your turn to do it.”

Elder Foster shook his head. He looked terrible. “I don’t deserve to do it.”

Suffering a reprimand from Gaspar at his age had been an utter humiliation to him. If he weren’t afraid of dying, he would have killed himself.

“You’re the oldest elder in Titan Sect. That qualifies you to perform the task,” said Leroy. “It’s decided. You’ll light the incense sticks and escort the chief into the ancestral hall for prayers.”

“Alright,” said Elder Foster before falling silent.

Gaspar arrived.

His strides were wide as he walked into the room. His entire person exuded a strange aura.

It was an aura that invoked loathing instinctively.

Leroy’s heart began to race as he was assailed by an intense feeling.

The man standing before him was Gaspar, yet all Leroy saw was someone unfamiliar.

A complete stranger.

“What’s going on?” Leroy looked around and saw a similar expression on everyone else’s faces. They seemed to be filled with disbelief. “This feels odd.”

He didn’t voice his doubts nor did he say a word. He watched as Gaspar approached the ancestral hall and looked around him.

“We should start now,” said Gaspar.

“It’s time.” Leroy nodded.

Gaspar turned around and looked at the ancestral hall. Instead of kneeling like he usually would, he remained standing. Behind him, Leroy and the others fell to their knees.

“Light the incense sticks!” shouted Gaspar.

Everybody frowned. They had not expected Gaspar to remain standing. His not kneeling was a sign of disrespect to their ancestors.

Regardless, no one said a word.

Leroy gave Elder Foster a look. The latter got up immediately and lit the incense sticks. A light fragrance drifted in the air.

“The ancestral worship begins now!” declared the elder.

Everyone had lowered their heads and begun to chant the rules of the sect silently. Gaspar, on the other hand, appeared unconcerned about the protocols of the ritual.

The doors of the ancestral hall were pulled shut.

“What’s wrong with the chief?”

“I can’t believe it. He didn’t kneel.”

“What’s going on?”

A few elders blurted out in bewilderment.

Leroy shook his head.

“Alright, everyone, the chief has his reasons for what he does. Let’s step away.” He looked at everyone. “We shouldn’t disturb him.”

He had everyone leave, then turned and glanced at the ancestral hall. He hoped for Ethan’s success and that the man managed to get the antidote from Gaspar. They would be doomed otherwise.

Everything hinged on Ethan now. He had no idea why he trusted Ethan so much. They were supposed to be enemies!

Yet, right now, he was praying from the bottom of his heart that Ethan was more powerful than he had imagined the man to be.


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