Billionaire God of War Chapter 2176

Chapter 2176

Leroy told everyone to leave the room and stay out.

There was a hint of worry, anxiety and unease on his face.

Gaspar was not behaving like himself right now. He seemed like a different person and felt like a complete stranger to Leroy. He had no idea how powerful Gaspar was at this moment. They were doomed if Ethan couldn’t beat him.

That would mean the end of Ethan, Titan Sect and everyone else.

Time crawled. Every minute spent outside was torture.

Standing in the ancestral hall was an altar that was lined with numerous tablets that belonged to generations of ancestors from Titan Sect, including the past generations of sect leaders and elders. Their seniority and rank dictated where their tablet was placed.

These were the founders and builders of Titan Sect and men who had done great things for the sect.

Anyone who came after them should accord them the proper respect and awe that they deserved.

Gaspar walked right up to the altar and allowed his eyes to sweep past the tablets.

“You must feel anxious for the sect and the mediocrity it has languished in for so long.” He barked out a laugh. A flicker of scorn flashed across his eyes as he remained standing. “There’s no point in fretting though. You’re all dead. There’s nothing you can do. I’m the only one you can count on now.”

He reached out and let his fingers slide across one tablet. “You gave everything of yourself when you created Titan Sect and ended up sacrificing yourself so that the sect could secure its position in the mountain. But the sect wasn’t powerful enough then. It was still too weak.”

Gaspar shook his head as he lost himself in the past.

Titan Sect had struggled to get to where it was today. He had witnessed its labors since he had been a child. When he had been made the chief, he had sworn that he would transform Titan Sect into the most powerful sect in the mountain.

He would resort to anything to fulfill his promise.

His ambition became the only thought in his mind. He seemed slightly crazed as his eyes gradually became colored with greed and lust. His current ambition no longer seemed enough.

Gaspar wanted more.

With a sudden flip of his hand, he knocked the tablet over and laughed. “I’m the one who’s going to make a difference. This place is going to be mine too.”

Without any mercy, he swept his arm across the altar and shoved the founder’s altar aside. The spot in the middle of the altar was now vacant.

He might not be dead yet, but he was confident that when he died, his tablet would occupy the vacant spot.

If any of the elders were present now, they would find Gaspar’s actions an utter travesty. In fact, they might attack Gaspar and kill him for his blasphemous actions.

But they were not. Alone in the ancestral hall, Gaspar was convinced that he had everything in the palm of his hand. He alone would control Titan Sect and everything in the mountain!

He was going to become the most powerful man in the mountain and the one who ruled over everyone.

“What a wonderful feeling this is,” Gaspar burst out into mad laughter, stretching his arms out and lifting his face skyward as he laughed. “This feels incredible!”

A sudden wind rushed towards him.

Gaspar’s faced darkened.

“Who is it?” He roared thunderously as he whirled around, raised his fist and sent it flying towards his attacker without a single look.

A deafening thunder erupted from the forceful collision of two fists.

Both men were shoved aside.

Gaspar looked up.

“It’s you!” He did not expect to see Ethan here. In fact, he didn’t expect Ethan to have the guts to assassinate him. “I’m going to kill you.”

A streak of black mist flashed across Gaspar’s eyes. He went berserk instantly and charged at Ethan with his fists waving angrily in the air.

“He’s really fast!” Ethan’s pupils contracted. He watched Gaspar charge towards him and concluded that he had never seen anyone move that quickly.


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