Billionaire God of War Chapter 2177

Chapter 2177

The two men exchanged a flurry of blows. Ethan clearly sensed that Gaspar’s attacks were getting quicker by the second. He seemed to be powered by a limitless well of power.

He was more powerful than the Senior Elder of Clearheart Sect.

Ethan wasn’t going to give Gaspar any chances to attack him. He unleashed the Extreme Fist Technique in a flurry of punches, swinging fists filled with power at his enemy.

They appeared to be evenly matched!

Gaspar’s punches were fluid and tainted with an air of darkness while Ethan’s punches were forceful and unforgiving.

As a fury of bows collided fiercely with each other, Gaspar found himself gradually being overpowered.

“There’s something wrong with this technique of yours!” yelled Ethan. “What technique is this?”

He could sense a trace of something abhorrent exuding from Gaspar.

“Something’s not right with him!”

Gaspar didn’t answer him. He was slowly spiraling into madness and his reason was forsaking him. All his eyes could see was Ethan and violence!

All he desired was his enemy’s death!

Streams of black mist gradually appeared in his eyes and were on their way to coloring the white of his eyes black.

That strange, abhorrent aura was becoming more intense.

Gaspar’s attacks were becoming more powerful and faster.

“HA!” Ethan’s joints cracked loudly as he sped up suddenly and sent his fist flying forward.

The blow drove Gaspar back forcefully. He knocked into the altar and knocked over numerous tablets.

The commotion could be heard outside the ancestral hall. Something flickered in Leroy’s eyes then.

“Ethan’s made his move,” he thought quietly to himself.

“What’s going on? Did something happen?”

“What’s going on in the ancestral hall?”

A look of alarm appeared on the faces of a few elders. They were ready to rush into the ancestral hall any moment.

“It must be the ancestral spirits!” Leroy shouted immediately before sticking his arms out and stopping the other elders from taking action. “It’s the ancestral spirits. The chief had shown disrespect to them and incurred their wrath. The ancestral spirits have made themselves and their anger known.”

Gaspar had shown disrespect to their ancestors earlier. He had remained standing while the rest had gotten onto their knees. In addition, the way that he had carried himself had pointed to a complete absence of respect for the sect’s ancestors. The elders had been displeased by what they had seen.

But they had not expected their ancestors to make their presence and their displeasure known.

Leroy fell to his knees the next moment and kowtowed.

“Greetings, esteemed ancestors!”

The other elders followed suit meekly and got onto their knees hastily as well. Their foreheads kissed the ground as they shouted in unison. “Greetings, esteemed ancestors!”

Meanwhile, in the ancestral hall, Titan Sect’s ancestral tablets had been swept off the altar and now scattered across the floor. With a bestial growl, Gaspar made another charge at Ethan.

Without any hesitation, Ethan unleashed the Extreme Fist Technique and let loose another flurry of punches, striking from both sides as if he were two persons. One fist smashed into Gaspar’s face and the other struck Gaspar down.

A terrifying force shot through his body and struck Gaspar’s acupoints, immobilizing him.

“I’m not going to kill you,” said Ethan. “But I need you to stay down.”

He couldn’t kill Gaspar right now. Mr Cedric would know what was going on if he died. Ethan needed him alive.

He pulled his fist back. Gaspar lay motionlessly on the ground. He had passed out.

Ethan didn’t waste any time at all. He found the antidote on Gaspar, pulled him up into a kneeling position, then vanished in a flash.

After a long while, Leroy finally lifted his head up. The fight had ended.

Gaspar had not stepped out of the ancestral hall. Ethan had succeeded.

What a terrifying man!

Who was Ethan? What was he truly capable of?

“Let’s go in and take a look!”

Leroy got up and led the other elders into the ancestral hall. They were greeted with the sight of Gaspar kneeling before the altar and a floor scattered with tablets that had been knocked off the altar. The sect founder’s altar was found under Gaspar’s foot!

“Chief, what are you doing?”

“That’s blasphemy! You’re disrespecting our ancestors!”

“That must be why our ancestors have shown themselves!”


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