Billionaire God of War Chapter 2178

Chapter 2178

Leroy stepped forward and pretended to knock Gaspar out with a blow to the back of his neck.

“Guards!” He yelled. “Lock the chief up!”

Fury colored his face. The other elders looked equally livid.

Gaspar might be the chief of the sect, but even the chief wasn’t allowed to disrespect the ancestors. This was an act of blasphemy! It was a grave crime!

Ethan had knocked Gaspar out earlier but Leroy had concealed that fact with his timely blow. Gaspar lay motionlessly on the floor right now.

“I’m glad everything worked out.” Leroy released a sigh of relief secretly. He wondered how powerful Ethan truly was. The man had managed to knock Gaspar out without injuring the latter.

He must be way more powerful than Gaspar.

“He’s a monster,” cursed Leroy. It seemed reasonable that he wasn’t Ethan’s match.

They restored the tablets to their rightful places immediately. The elders got down on their knees then and sought their ancestors’ forgiveness.

After some time, they finally got up and left the ancestral hall quietly.

“What should we do now?” Everyone eyed Gaspar’s prone form. “The chief’s broken the rules of our sect with his actions.”

This wasn’t a mere misdemeanor. Anyone else would have been executed on the spot.

“He’s still the chief. Let’s lock him up, then discuss what we’re to do with him,” said Leroy.

This wasn’t the time to deal with Gaspar. Besides, he was the chief of Titan Sect and the most powerful man in the sect. They couldn’t just kill him.

He had been manipulated and used.

His top priority was to assist Ethan in freeing the other sects’ sect leaders and elders. They would need to put up a performance and it had to be sufficiently realistic that Mr Cedric believed it.

Leroy was the one who was in charge now. He immediately made changes to the sect’s defenses.

Under the guise of strengthening the sect’s defenses, he secretly created loopholes that would aid Ethan’s rescue mission.

He wasn’t doing it for Ethan or the prisoners. Once they were cured of their poison, it would be a piece of cake for them to walk out of Titan Sect.

He simply didn’t want Titan Sect to suffer too many casualties.

Meanwhile, Ethan had returned to the cave where Elder Percy and the other prisoners were held. No one dared to show any disrespect to the prisoners this time. Everyone was afraid of incurring Leroy’s wrath and being killed.

“Esteemed elders, please enjoy your meal.” The disciples delivering the meals spoke to their prisoners in a deferential tone. They dared not do anything inappropriate at all.

Ethan slipped the antidote to Elder Percy and gave the latter a slight nod.

The elder nodded as well, then took the antidote discreetly. When Ethan and the other disciples from Titan Sect left, he distributed the antidote to the rest.

Outside the cave, Ethan was waiting.

“Did you know? Elder Leroy killed the last group of disciples who delivered the meals because they’d disrespected these sect leaders and elders.”

“They were asking for it. These prisoners are still sect leaders, after all.”

“Humiliating them is akin to dishonoring Titan Sect’s name. Of course Elder Leroy was angry.”

“We should all watch out and accord these seniors the respect that they deserve.”

The disciples spoke in hushed tones. None of them wished to suffer the same fate that the previous group of disciples had.

Having packed everything, they got ready to leave. That was when they realized that Ethan was just standing there.

“Aren’t you leaving?”

“I’m waiting for someone,” said Ethan.

“Who are you waiting for? Is there someone else still inside?”

A few disciples looked around in confusion. All of their fellow disciples had left the cave.

“They’re coming out any minute.” Ethan turned and looked. Upon hearing the sound of footsteps, he nodded. “They’re out.”

As soon as he said that, the disciples saw Elder Percy and the other prisoners step out of the cave.


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