Billionaire God of War Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180

Ethan’s icy tone sent shivers coursing through Raiden’s body.

Jericho stopped him before he could say anything.

“Ethan, we thank you for saving our lives,” said Jericho. “We agreed not to attack Clearheart Sect because you said you had a way to deal with the gray fog. Have you thought of a solution?”

Everything boiled down to that.

Their attack on Clearheart Sect, their desperation to leave the mountain and the reason why Titan Sect had imprisoned them all boiled down to that.

The only way to resolve everything was to get rid of the gray fog.

They were grateful to Ethan for saving them, but this concerned the survival of the sects and was a concern that occupied their minds all the time.

“We’ve identified the root of the problem,” said Ethan. “The problem can only be solved after we have identified its source.”

He gave everyone a look.

“You might be sect leaders and elders of powerful sects and possess incredible strength and power, but you’re not really smart, are you? That’s rather disappointing,” Ethan said tactlessly, insulting them with perfectly decent language devoid of any profanity.

None of the sect leaders dared to voice a word of protest.

If they had been smart enough, they wouldn’t have been caught by Gaspar and made to suffer such humiliation.

“Just tell us what you need us to do.” Rodrick looked at Ethan. He didn’t enjoy wasting time on talking and he wasn’t interested in whining. This was the situation that they had found themselves in and all that they could do was do the best they could with the cards that they had been dealt.

The fact that Ethan had managed to get them out was a testament to his capabilities. Honestly, Rodrick was of the view that Ethan was a lot more intelligent than all of them.

“Elder Percy,” said Ethan. “You should tell them.”

The elder nodded, then turned towards the group.

“We’ve been overlooking one person.” The look on his face was severe. “Mr Cedric.”

“Mr Cedric?” A few of them blurted out in unison. The name sounded familiar. In fact, some of them could distinctly remember having heard that name before. But they could not for the life of them remember what Mr Cedric looked like.

“Who is he?” asked Raiden with a frown on his face. He was very sure that he knew that name, but somehow, he couldn’t place a face to it.

“You don’t remember what he looks like do you?” Elder Percy could tell from the look on everyone’s faces.

Upon seeing their nods of agreement, he said loudly, “That’s why he’s so terrifying. He has no presence even though he clearly exists. Even strong fighters like you can’t sense him. It’s no surprise that we were all used by him. We’re not the only ones. He’s seized control over Gaspar’s mind as well. He was the one who killed Master Kane!”

A murderous rage filled Elder Percy’s eyes when he spoke about Kane’s death.

Alarm flickered across the eyes of the other men. Their memories of Mr Cedric were slowly coming back to them, but they simply couldn’t remember his face.

How terrifying!

Kane had been one of the more powerful fighters amongst them. Nevertheless, he had been taken down by Mr Cedric without a fight. Their enemy was truly a terrifying opponent!

“Who exactly is Mr Cedric?” asked Jericho.

He had killed Kane with the Diamond Fist. Did that mean that he had also mastered the techniques of other sects?

In addition, no one seemed to be able to remember him even if they had spoken to him before. What kind of ability was that?

Dread began to fill them from the inside as they thought about it.

“It doesn’t matter who he is,” said Ethan. “As long as he’s human, he’s got to have a weakness. Unless…”


“Unless he’s not human.”

Ethan’s words made everyone’s scalp prickle with numbness.

Mr Cedric wasn’t human?

What could he be then?

But his moves had been incredibly bizarre. Could any human be capable of anything like that?

Ethan glanced at everyone. “We’ll find out what he is once we expose his true identity.”

This was an elaborate show.

It was a performance that everyone had to participate in and that included Mr Cedric. Getting him to reveal his true identity wasn’t going to be easy at all.


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