Billionaire God of War Chapter 2181

Chapter 2181

The look on everyone’s faces was extremely somber. Ethan’s few words had made them realize how terrifying their opponent was.

They were not Mr Cedric’s match at all.

In fact, they weren’t even a match for Gaspar.

“We will do what you tell us to, but there are conditions,” said Raiden after a pause.

Ethan glanced at him and proceeded to kill his hopes.

“You don’t have to listen to me at all. So, there’s no need to discuss conditions with me.” He left no room for negotiation. They were in the midst of an emergency. This really wasn’t the time for bargaining.

He could leave these men to their own devices and think of a way to deal with Mr Cedric on his own. Losing them wouldn’t be that great a loss. They thought too highly of their abilities.

Raiden flushed slightly when he heard Ethan’s caustic reply. He trembled with rage and erupted into loud hacking coughs as he tried to rein in his fury. Jericho and the rest pulled him back.

This wasn’t the time to negotiate terms with Ethan.

“We will make no demands of you,” said Jericho. “We’ll do whatever you tell us to. You can have my life if you get rid of Mr Cedric and the gray fog.”

That sounded more like it.

Ethan threw a look at Raiden. “You should learn from him.”

Then, he turned and left without paying further attention to them.

“He’s…going to drive me crazy!” Raiden clenched his jaw as he shook with rage. “How I wish I could challenge him to a fight!”

“Don’t act rashly,” said Jericho. “He might be harsh with his words but he speaks the truth.”

“Are you on his side too?” Raiden bristled angrily as he glared at Jericho. “What truth did he utter?”

“He’s smarter than us,” replied Jericho.

No one dared to refute that.

They could protest all they liked, but they had to admit that he had been right.

Ethan had been the first one to notice Mr Cedric’s presence. That was a testament to his abilities.

Without Ethan, they might still be kept in the dark. They wouldn’t have noticed his presence, let alone fight him, even though this man had been lingering in their midst all this while.

“Mr Cedric is a formidable enemy. We shouldn’t let our guard down. Our deaths are the least of our worries. The fall of our sect and the destruction of our world are what is at stake right now,” said Elder Percy as he looked at everyone.

What they had to do now was carry out the plan that Ethan had come up with and put up a show that would make Mr Cedric reveal himself.

Leroy was going to play a critical role in Ethan’s plan.

He had headed to the confinement cell after flying into a rage in the grand hall.

Gaspar was currently locked up in the confinement cell.

Even though he was the chief, he had disrespected their ancestors and committed a grave offense against Titan Sect. No elder dared to speak up for him.

Leroy had become the one who had complete control over Titan Sect.

He narrowed his eyes as he eyed the ropes binding Gaspar’s hands and feet.

“You’ve strayed from the right path.”

There remained a wisp of black fog in Gaspar’s gray and clouded eyes. His lips were twisted into a smile filled with madness and savagery. Failing to rip apart the ropes that bounded him, the man sneered. “You’ve been eyeing my position as chief for a long time, haven’t you? Leroy, I never expected this from you.”

Leroy did not utter a word.

“Release me! I’m the one who will lead Titan Sect to glory, do you understand?” howled Gaspar. “Release me or I swear I’ll kill you!”

His face was the shade of a dark greenish black. He looked as if he had been poisoned. The madness in his eyes was a horrifying sight to behold.

Gaspar had gone mad.

He had descended into complete madness.

Leroy walked right up to Gaspar and patted him on the shoulder. The look on his face gradually darkened.

“That’s right. I want your position as the leader of the sect. That’s not all. I want everything that you have!”

Their eyes met. He saw the black light in Gaspar’s eyes grow increasingly stronger.

“Are you upset? Are you enraged?” Leroy stared at the black fog. “Do you want to kill me? Do it then!”


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