Billionaire God of War Chapter 2182

Chapter 2182

Leroy seemed to be talking to Mr Cedric. As he stared at those eyes, he seemed to be looking past Gaspar and seeing Mr Cedric instead.

Gaspar had been imprisoned and lost all ability to fight back. He had been poisoned by Leroy and shouldn’t be able to move at all.

Leroy knew that Mr Cedric was the one in control of Gaspar’s body now. Nothing he said was going to help now.

Gaspar had been practicing a demonic technique and had begun to behave like a crazed man. Leroy didn’t trust him to do the right thing. Everything would be for nothing if he affected Ethan’s plans.

Leroy reached out and patted Gaspar on his shoulder. “Be good and stay right here.”

Having said that, he turned and left, ignoring Gaspar’s crazed howls.

“Leroy, release me! Release me now! Titan Sect cannot do without me! It can’t! You’re a sinner! You’ll be the downfall of Titan Sect!”

Leroy shut the door and shut out Gaspar’s cursing inside the cell.

“Keep a close eye on him and don’t let anyone near the cell.”

“Yes, Elder Leroy!”

Leroy made sure that the cell was heavily guarded. He wasn’t going to give Mr Cedric a chance to save Gaspar.

The man had tried to seize control over Gaspar’s mind and use Gaspar in his attempt to gain control over Titan Sect, followed by all six sects. They had no idea what he had planned, but they were certain of one thing. They couldn’t let him succeed.

The atmosphere in Titan Sect had transformed.

Because of the disrespect that Gaspar had shown the sect’s ancestors, the chief’s reputation and honor had suffered a stain.

The disciples of the sect respected their chief, but they respected the deceased seniors who had made enormous contributions to the sect even more.

The blow to Gaspar’s authority was instantaneous and devastating.

Leroy was trying to keep the situation under control, but it was obvious that they weren’t doing very well.

“The sect leaders whom we imprisoned are back at their sects. I heard that they’re going to seek revenge for what we’ve done!”

“Titan Sect humiliated them. Wouldn’t you have done the same in their position?” Leroy scoffed. “Alright, stop yammering and think of a plan.”

What were they expecting?

The sect leaders of the other sects had suffered abuse and humiliation while they had been their prisoners. Leroy had witnessed their abuse. They should seek vengeance for what they had suffered.

He eyed the other elders but they didn’t say anything.

What plan was Leroy talking about?

Were they supposed to tell the other sect leaders that they should be honored to have been made prisoners and that they should forget the episode ever happened now that they were free? They might as well be dreaming.

“Titan Sect is going to be in danger if we don’t appease them,” Leroy said plainly.

Titan Sect was the source of their motivation and the reason why they worked so bad.

But the person who had issued the order to capture the other sects had been Gaspar.

Handing Gaspar over to the other sects might be the other way to appease them.

“Do you have any other ideas?”

The other elders dared not speak up. They dared not suggest anything. Leroy would ask them to try again if they were to suggest anything right now.

They wouldn’t be able to think of a better solution even if their lives depended on it.

“We have no choice but to hand Gaspar over then,” said Leroy with a great deal of reluctance.

He didn’t want to do this, but there didn’t seem to be any other way.

Titan Sect was doomed if they failed to appease the wrath of the other sects. They weren’t Clearheart Sect, who had Ethan as a formidable ally. They wouldn’t be able to withstand a massive attack mounted by all the sects.

Titan Sect would perish should they be surrounded by the other sects.

Meanwhile, the six great sects had agreed to form an alliance.

But this time, Clearheart Sect had taken the place of Titan Sect as the sixth sect.

Such were the ways of this world. It was always changing except for its constant drama.

It hadn’t been long since Titan Sect had formed an alliance with the other five sects to attack Clearheart Sect. Yet, now, Titan Sect had become the common enemy of the other sects while Clearheart Sect had become one of the sects attacking it.

What irony.

The six sects had gathered their forces quickly. The anger that fueled them this time was different from the last.

Their disciples were brimming with murderous rage and ready to level Titan Sect as soon as the order was issued. In the previous battle, they had attacked Clearheart Sect for material gains.

This time, they were seeking vengeance.


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