Billionaire God of War Chapter 2184

Chapter 2184

The others nodded at Ethan’s words.

The show had started. They had to put up a good act and keep acting till the curtains were drawn.

Everyone agreed that they wouldn’t cause Titan Sect any more trouble if the latter killed Gaspar and punished the person who had been responsible for everything.

The messenger left with their message.

Everyone turned towards Ethan.

“Let’s get ready,” said Ethan. “Some of us may not survive this fight.”

A grave look appeared on the sect leaders’ faces.

They knew very well how terrifying Mr Cedric could be. He had kept himself hidden and no one had known who he was all this while. But they had to face him now. The thought of facing something unknown was terrifying.

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter how mysterious he is, he’s still human,” said Ethan. “As long as he’s human, he’s got to have weaknesses, and as long as we find out what they are, we can get rid of him and get rid of the root of our problems.”

He looked at everyone and caught the look of fear and unease in their eyes. They were sect leaders of their sects and powerful fighters in their own right. They could be considered bigwigs in the mountain.

But Mr Cedric had played them like fools and made them lose complete confidence in themselves.

He had killed Kane, a fighter as powerful as they were, and shown himself to be equally powerful.

“That’s right. He played us like fools. We have to make him pay for that.” Jericho nodded. “We’ll make the necessary arrangements in case we die in the fight. This time, we’re not fighting for ourselves or for our sect. We fight for everyone in the mountain.”

A look of solemnity appeared on everyone’s faces.

They had no other way out. They had no choice but to advance and get rid of Mr Cedric.

Meanwhile, the message from the six sects had reached Titan Sect.

The elders of Titan Sect had gathered in the grand hall. The predicament that they were stuck in had them looking solemn and worried.

Even though Leroy had made the decision to exchange their chief’s life for the safety of Titan Sect, they couldn’t help but feel bad when the time came for them to do it. This didn’t feel right.

“Isn’t there another solution?” Elder Foster asked in a trembling voice. “That’s our chief we’re talking about!”

“He disrespected our ancestors. Besides, he’s no longer our chief. He hasn’t been for a while,” sighed Leroy.

His eyes swept past everyone and caught the varying looks on their faces. He knew what they were thinking.

“We have no other choice. This is what we must do if we want to save the sect. If we do not appease the other sect leaders, they will attack us tomorrow. Titan Sect will be destroyed! Tell me, is a chief more important than Titan Sect and its century of history?” Leroy’s words were colored with anger.

They could choose another chief if they lost one. But without a sect, there would be no chief to be chosen.

“It’s decided!” he said firmly. “Guards, bring Gaspar out.”

He called the shots in Titan Sect now.

Within moments, Gaspar was brought to the hall. He had been bound tightly and his hands and feet chained. He had no chances of escape.

He stared at Leroy.

“Are you really going to kill me?” Gaspar said coldly. “Do you really think you can become the next chief if I’m dead?”

Leroy didn’t say a word.

Gaspar’s face darkened. Without any warning, he burst out into laughter. “Dream on! You can’t kill me! Do you understand?”

His features twisted into a hideous look as he howled like a madman. He had transformed into a real demon.

“Gaspar, you’ve not regained your senses, have you?” Leroy sighed. He knew from the cloud of black fog deep within Gaspar’s eyes that Gaspar wasn’t coming back. The demonic technique had taken him over completely. He had been fully and utterly transformed into a tool to be wielded by Mr Cedric. Nothing could change that fact, not even his death.

He walked up to Gaspar and stared at the black fog in his eyes. It was like staring at Mr Cedric himself.

The pill that had been firmly stuck under the tip of his tongue was the only thing that kept him clear headed.


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