Billionaire God of War Chapter 2185

Chapter 2185

Even the other elders had done the same thing as Leroy so as to avoid getting controlled by Mr Cedric again.

“Take him out,” commanded Leroy. “Prepare to execute him!”

“Gaspar has blasphemed our ancestors, betrayed the sect and even endangered the sect. He deserves to die for doing such a thing!” his voice rumbled loudly like rolling thunder, echoing loudly through the hall.

This command made everyone present feel a tremble in their hearts.

This was an order to kill the sect leader!

This was probably the first case among all the sects inside the mountain.

But for the sake of their sect’s survival, they had no other choice.

Leroy led the way in front while other elders were in charge of escorting Gaspar as they made their way down the mountain. They were going to kill Gaspar in front of all the other sects so as to appease their anger.

On the way down, Gaspar didn’t say anything. His eyes just remained fixed on Leroy and was filled with a crazed murderous look.

He didn’t seem worried that he might die. In fact, he seemed rather excited, as if he was waiting for something or someone to rescue him.

At the foot of the mountain.

The other six sects had arrived and were already waiting here.

They could see Leroy escorting Gaspar down from afar. All the disciples from the other sects pulled their bows and arrows back and aimed them at Leroy and his party.

The atmosphere immediately became very solemn.

“Stop!” yelled Leroy.

“I’ve gone according to your requests and brought Gaspar out. Killing him will appease your anger, right?”

“We are all sects residing within the mountain, so we ought to live harmoniously with one another. There is no need to go to war with one another over one man’s mistake!”

“Gaspar will take full responsibility for everything that he has done. He has offended everyone here, but he is also a criminal to Titan Sect!”

He looked around and his gaze swept past Jericho and the other elders’ faces. He pushed Gaspar out to stand in between both sides.

“I’ve brought him here. Do you want to do it or do you want me to do it?”

The other elders stared at Gaspar, but Gaspar started laughing loudly.

He didn’t bother hiding the disdainful look on his face.

“Did you think that all of you here could actually kill me?” Gaspar shook his head. “Dream on! Dream on!! HAHAHA!”

He stood there nonchalantly and gave off a very strange aura. It was an aura that made others feel the urge to hate him.

Even though he wasn’t doing anything else but just standing there, he just seemed so hateful.

“Come and kill me! Come on! Attack me!” yelled Gaspar.

He seemed to be provoking them. “Didn’t you want to kill me? Come on!”

Rodrick couldn’t stand it any longer. The long sword was already in his hand as he flew out immediately.

“I’ll come and kill you!”

“I’m going to make you pay a hundred times over for the humiliation you’ve served us!”

His long sword was like a dragon and as quick as lightning. His moves seemed to bloom like flowers as they surrounded Gaspar.

Gaspar’s hands and feet were bound and he couldn’t move them, but he could move his body around and managed to dodge every move.

He saw that Rodrick looked even more murderous now, so he suddenly gave a low growl and sprayed out a mouthful of black smoke, which turned into a sharp arrow that flew towards Rodrick!

Rodrick immediately held his sword horizontally in order to block this attack from the black smoke. There was a loud clang and the blade started trembling violently, while Rodrick ended up taking a few steps backwards.

“How is this possible?” His expression was filled with surprise. “What a powerful force!”

All Gaspar did was to spew a mouthful of black smoke out, but it was actually this terrifying.

“You want to kill me?” scoffed Gaspar. “You’re not fit to do so!”

“You’re asking for it!”

Rodrick flew into a rage and dashed at him again. This time, Jericho and the other leaders of the six sects made an attack together. If they still couldn’t handle a man with bound limbs, then they might as well kill themselves.

They flew towards him swiftly, some with heavy punches and powerful palms, some with long swords and large sabers. They directed all their attacks at Gaspar and surrounded him such that he didn’t have the chance to escape at all!

“Go to hell!” roared Rodrick. “I’ll send you on your way right now!”

“Gaspar, you deserve to die! Prepare to die!”

“Kill him!”

Everyone unleashed their most fatal moves at the same time.


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