Billionaire God of War Chapter 2187

Chapter 2187

Liam and the rest paled in horror and were about to rush over when Elder Percy stopped them.

“This punch…” Elder Percy frowned. “It’s Ethan.”

After the sand and dust settled, Leroy was still seated on the ground. His face had been dyed red from blood and his expression was filled with terror. His heart nearly leapt out of his mouth.

Less than a meter away, Gaspar’s entire head was buried in the ground. His legs stuck out from the ground and his shoulders were all broken.

Ethan had smashed one fist onto his head!

That one punch killed Gaspar instantly.

The air seemed to have frozen over and even the wind didn’t dare to blow anymore.

Everyone held their breath and could hardly believe that Ethan was actually this powerful.

Even though Gaspar had already sold his soul to the devil and had become powerful, he couldn’t even survive one punch from Ethan?

This punch was simply explosive!

Ethan withdrew his arm and looked up at Mr Cedric. He didn’t avoid Mr Cedric’s eyes at all.

“This is the second time we’re seeing each other.” He looked at Mr Cedric. “Do you remember my name?”

Mr Cedric’s pupils constricted. Since Ethan could remember the previous time, it meant that Ethan hadn’t been hypnotized when they first met. This young man was really not simple at all.

“Ethan, I’ve had my eye on you all this time.”

Ethan’s heart pounded wildly when he heard Mr Cedric say this.

He suddenly realized what his Master had been worried about all this time, and had even been willing to sacrifice his own life to direct him here.

Perhaps, the person behind all of this was this man here, Mr Cedric!

The overly mysterious Mr Cedric!

“What do you want?” asked Ethan.

Mr Cedric laughed and still looked nonchalant. He didn’t become the slightest bit wary just because Gaspar had been killed with just one punch from Ethan.

On the contrary, he seemed even more interested now.

“When you reach my level, you will understand what I want,” said Mr Cedric calmly. “But I don’t know if you’d get the chance.”

Ethan’s eyes trembled slightly.

Reach his level?

Why was Mr Cedric saying such things? What sort of level was he at now?

The sect leaders and elders of the other sects surrounded Mr Cedric. All of them had a pill beneath the tips of their tongues, and they were more than willing to bite their tongues in order to keep themselves alert.

On top of that, there were archers who were all on standby in the area around them. A rain of arrows could land anytime and kill Mr Cedric!

But even so, they were still not confident that they would be able to kill Mr Cedric.

“You’re thinking of killing me?” Mr Cedric glanced at them. “None of you will get a chance.”

Ethan didn’t bother saying any unnecessary things, since it didn’t make a difference. He made a move immediately!

He charged out immediately like a flash of light, and unleashed his Extreme Fist Technique!

It was violent and domineering, as if the most extreme parts of the world’s boxing techniques had been combined into one. When he delivered that punch, even the air started trembling.

Mr Cedric raised his arm and threw a punch as well. His fist collided violently with Ethan’s, and two equally domineering forces exploded in an instant.

Ethan ended up moving more than ten steps backwards from the collision, but Mr Cedric only moved two steps.

“It looks like your comprehension ability is not bad,” said Mr Cedric. “But you’re missing a little something.”

Ethan’s expression was grim.

This Mr Cedric was simply too powerful.

This might be a fight to the very death.

Ethan took a deep breath and the aura around him slowly began to change as the look in his eyes slowly became more and more ferocious. He looked like he had suddenly gone back to the way he was years ago, and gone back to being that God of War who could kill any human or demon that got in his way!

“The world within the mountain must not become chaotic.” Ethan took a step forward. “The world outside the mountain must definitely never become chaotic.”

“I don’t care what motives you have. But if you intend to upset the peace outside, then I will definitely not let you have your way.”

He took another step out and his presence intensified once more.

Liam and the rest watching were filled with great fear. Was this what Ethan was truly capable of?


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