Billionaire God of War Chapter 2190

Chapter 2190

Mr Cedric looked at the blood on his palms and his eyes darkened.

“I’m really surprised.”

The mask on Mr Cedric’s face continued to flake away to slowly reveal his true face.

He looked just like a young man!

But nobody could tell his age. His voice sounded as rugged and raw as an old man’s.

“What a terrifying understanding of this fist technique.”

He spat out all the remaining blood in his mouth, then took a few deep breaths before suddenly coughing violently. He never thought the day would come when he would suffer injuries.

And he was actually injured by a youngster like Ethan.

His mind was still replaying the Extreme Fist Technique moves that Ethan displayed earlier. Each move he made had caused Mr Cedric’s eyes to tremble.

“I’m surprised. All of us have underestimated this technique.”

Mr Cedric’s eyes were as deep as a galaxy. It was hard to tell exactly what he was thinking about.

It took him a while to finally feel good enough to stand properly.

If his old friends spotted him like this, they might have laughed their toes off.

After a long time, he felt better and walked away.

The world inside the mountain was divided by sects, but each sect was very far apart from one another.

There was a mountain range from the east to the west, and a river from the south to the north. The place where the mountain range intersected with the river was the lowest point in this place, and it resembled a bowl from afar.

Many sects were dotted along the two ends of the mountain range.

The closer the area was to the north, the fewer people there were. All the sects that were located in the northern region had completely disappeared and not a single soul was left behind.

The further north one went, the thicker the gray fog was. It gave off a very somber sort of feeling.

It felt like it had come straight out of hell. That icy cold and lifeless sort of air was everywhere, and absolutely nothing could grow.

The look of this barren land struck fear in people’s hearts, so nobody dared to go close to it.

Light footsteps approached from afar. Mr Cedric arrived at the border of this gray matter. He narrowed his eyes and looked around. The whole place felt dead and gloomy, and not a single soul could be seen.

He had no expression on his face and didn’t seem to be bothered by this gray fog that caused many others to pale in the face at the mere mention of it. He just walked right into the fog.

The fog was very heavy and it seemed to cover the whole place.

Mr Cedric didn’t care. The fog wasn’t anything like what Leroy and the rest described it as. They all said that this fog made anyone who touched it disappear into thin air. But it only condensed into water droplets on Mr Cedric’s shoulder.

He kept walking forward. The fog didn’t seem to obstruct his view at all.

It was hard to see Mr Cedric through the blurry fog. One could only hear his footsteps. They were light yet carried a rhythm of sorts.

In no time.

The fog in front of Mr Cedric became thinner and thinner, and his vision was much clearer now.

In front of him was a lake surrounded by three sides of the mountains, and the rest faced flat plains. The gray fog was coming from the surface of this very lake and spreading to the rest of the place.

There was a small house built by the side of the lake and it was made from wood. The algae growing on the house made it obvious that this wooden house had been here for a long time now.

Mr Cedric remained expressionless as he walked towards the house and stepped right past the door.

The house was very simply furnished. There was only a bed, a table and a mirror.

He walked to the mirror and looked at his own face. He looked at those cloudy eyes of his in the mirror.

“I’ve almost forgotten what I look like already.”

His voice was hoarse and low, and it seemed as thick as a grandfather’s clock.

His hands gently rubbed his face, as if he was trying to check if the shape and lines on his face were the same as he remembered it.

After a long time, Mr Cedric put his hands down. He sat in front of the mirror and looked at himself quietly.

He opened the drawer and took out a human skin mask and carefully put it on. He was now yet another man whom he didn’t recognize himself.


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