Billionaire God of War Chapter 2192

Chapter 2192

The most important issue at hand now wasn’t killing off Mr Cedric.

This man was extremely mysterious. It wouldn’t be so easy to understand everything about him after exchanging just a few blows.

He had been able to hide himself within the mountain for so long without being discovered, so that in itself was already a terrifying ability.

The most urgent matter now was to confirm if that gray matter they were so afraid of was dangerous or not.

If it was just a screen to prevent them from coming closer, then they could just crash right through it and find out more.

What was hiding in the northern region?

“Who’s willing to go with me?” Ethan glanced at all of them.

“Me.” Liam was the first one to speak up.

He couldn’t let Ethan take this risk by himself.

He was the only one who knew where Ethan had come from. Even though the peace and stability within the mountain was closely tied to the stability outside the mountain, the inside of the mountain gate was not Ethan’s responsibility.

It was the responsibility of the sects who lived on the inside.

The ancestors of Clearheart Sect always reminded them that this was precisely why they remained inside the mountain. So how could he possibly allow Ethan to bear this responsibility all by himself?

“Me too.” Elder Percy also spoke up.

He looked at Ethan. “Achilles Sect is supposed to be responsible for guarding the inside of the mountain in the first place.”

“Master Kane has left this world, but I must complete the work that he always wanted to do.”

The rest looked at Liam and Elder Percy and a tinge of guilt flashed in their eyes as they heard what they said.

They had lived for so many years, but none of them was as mature or forward looking as the much younger Ethan.

“I will go too,” said Jericho. “The most important thing now is to understand what this gray matter is. If this gray matter is not actually harmful, then there is no need for us to go out from this mountain at all.”

All these problems had arisen from this gray matter.

As long as they could resolve this thing, their hearts would be at peace.

“I don’t need a lot of people to come with me.” Ethan shook his head and said to Jericho, “The stability within the mountain is very important too, so that has to be arranged carefully.”

“Everything exists for a reason. Why did all of you end up living inside the mountain? I’m sure your ancestors must have left a few clues behind, right?”

Ethan’s words made everyone’s expressions turn grim.

It was true that there were some clues left behind in their ancestral halls. But there was no way of finding out more or confirming many of those things.

“Do what you have to do well,” he said. “I’ll just let Elder Percy and Chief O’Clear come along with me. The rest of you, remain outside here and get ready in case anything happens.”

“But…” Raiden wanted to say something but Rodrick stopped him.

“Listen to Ethan,” said Rodrick. “We’re all going to listen to Ethan from now on.”

Ethan had already proved that his prowess and intelligence was way above everyone else’s.

They had no reason to suspect or doubt him, and they really shouldn’t anymore.

This matter was settled just like that.

Ethan’s side didn’t waste any time and quickly went to get ready. Jericho’s side gathered all the highly skilled fighters of every sect to stand guard outside Clearheart Sect to make sure that this last line of defense remained secure.

It had come to a point where everyone knew very clearly that they could not think selfishly anymore, and could not only consider their own sect.

If the inside of the mountain was destroyed, nobody would stand to benefit.

Ethan, Liam and Elder Percy headed straight for the northern region.

“The further north we go, the thicker the fog becomes. Nobody has dared to go any nearer than this,” said Elder Percy as he pointed to some dead weeds in the distance.

This was considered the current border of the northern region. The fog was still slowly extending outwards and would eventually cover this area in front of them as well. Once the fog reached this area, it would start to corrode the life forms here and leave no living thing behind.

Ethan looked at the fog from afar and started moving forward.

“Ethan!” Elder Percy called after him. “Don’t just go over like that!”


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