Billionaire God of War Chapter 2193

Chapter 2193

Elder Percy’s expression was extremely grim and especially solemn.

Ethan was gambling with his life now. If he lost this gamble, he would die, regardless of how highly skilled Ethan was in fighting.

He could feel that the fog was no more than ten meters away from the three of them!

“It’s going to be alright.”

There was a gleam in Ethan’s eyes. He had more or less guessed what this thing was after looking at the dead weeds earlier.

He put up a hand towards Elder Percy and Liam to stop them from coming over while he walked ahead by himself.

Elder Percy felt like he was going to have a heart attack soon.

“Don’t worry, Ethan will not do anything he isn’t prepared for,” said Liam as he took a deep breath. But he looked even more nervous than Elder Percy.

The two of them watched Ethan as he made his way towards the fog. Their hearts started to beat at the same rate as Ethan’s footsteps.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Ethan continued walking forward and didn’t have any expression on his face as he looked at the fog around him. His footsteps were light and had a particular rhythm to it. He didn’t hesitate, but didn’t walk too quickly either.

He was now only two meters away from the fog!

Ethan could even feel cool condensation spraying out and hitting his face.

Nothing happened.

Ethan continued walking and set one foot right into the area covered by fog!

Elder Percy and Liam were so frightened that they nearly screamed. But they immediately stopped themselves again.

Nothing happened to Ethan?

One of Ethan’s legs was already inside the fog. He soon pulled it again and nothing had happened to it!

After that, Ethan walked right into the fog and disappeared into the distance.



Elder Percy and Liam immediately shouted out to him in fright and ran over. But before they entered the fog, Ethan came walking out again. Besides some condensation on his hair, he wasn’t hurt anywhere else.

“This fog is really just a cover after all.”

Liam’s head was covered with cold sweat. He had been really frightened to death.

Elder Percy was no better. His palms were sweating and even his voice was trembling.

“Then what happened to all the people in those sects?” He took a deep breath and was terrified by the only thought in his mind.

“They’ve all been killed by Mr Cedric,” replied Ethan.

“Since that’s the effect he wanted, he would have to go all the way with it. But if anybody dared to just try walking through the fog, he would have realized that it’s not harmful at all.”

But since they had all been frightened by the rumors, nobody dared to even try.

They were all more afraid of dying.

If not for Ethan, they might have taken ages to discover this secret.

“Let’s go!” said Ethan. “There must be something in the north that Mr Cedric doesn’t want anybody to see, and that’s why he’s done this. We have to move quickly!”

He suddenly realized that since Mr Cedric had been injured by him, Mr Cedric would definitely have a change in plans.

Mr Cedric would have guessed that Ethan would come after him.

“Hurry! Don’t let him get away!”

They quickly ran right into the fog and their vision immediately became a blur. They could only see a few meters ahead of themselves.

“Everyone, be careful. There might be other dangers lurking in the fog,” reminded Ethan as he led the way with Elder Percy and Liam behind him. They continued to make their way into the depths of the northern region.

At the same time.

The fog bubbling out from the lake at the foot of the mountains was getting thicker and thicker, and it blotted out the sky.

Mr Cedric was still sitting by the lake and he slowly opened his eyes.

His ears twitched and he scoffed quietly.

“He’s so fast.”

He knew that Ethan would definitely chase after him and would have guessed that actually this fog was harmless. But he didn’t expect Ethan to act so quickly.

Ethan had also been injured, but he had healed up much more quickly than himself.

This young man was really not simple at all.

Mr Cedric stood up and stomped his foot hard. He seemed to have stepped on a catch of sorts and the ground started shaking immediately.

The surface of the lake started rippling and the water started surging out in waves that grew higher and higher.

As the water splashed about wildly, a bronze coffin slowly appeared before Mr Cedric!


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