Billionaire God of War Chapter 2194

Chapter 2194

“I have no choice but to take you away,” sighed Mr Cedric. He tapped a foot on the ground, flew towards the lake, then walked easily on the surface of the water to reach the bronze coffin.

He looked down at the person inside with gentleness in his eyes. “Don’t be afraid, we will meet again soon.”

Footsteps were approaching him from afar.

Mr Cedric turned around to look and he could see Ethan and the other two approaching.

He didn’t intend to fight Ethan head on. It was not time yet.

He reached out to carry the person inside the coffin, then disappeared without a trace.


Immediately after Mr Cedric left the surface of the water, the bronze coffin seemed to lose its ability to float. It instantly fell back into the water and made a great splash.

The lake water splashed out and wet the land around the lake.

By the time Ethan and the other two came over, they were already too late.

“He’s gone.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. Was Mr Cedric carrying a human in his arms earlier?

They had all seen that bronze coffin and watched as it sank back into the lake. This creepy scene really shocked them.

“This is where Mr Cedric hides himself?”

Liam looked around. There was nothing else besides that shabby wooden hut.

What sort of life could someone living in such a place lead?

“He must be guarding something.” Elder Percy walked to the lake and touched the water. “It’s very hot.”

The lake water was very hot?

Elder Percy and Liam exchanged glances. They could see shock in each other’s eyes.

What place was this? Why was it such an eerie place?

Mr Cedric had put in so much effort into using this gray fog to cover up this place so that nobody would come near. Why?

This question seemed to be the real fog. Nobody had any answers to the question.

The two of them looked at Ethan at the same time, but Ethan remained silent.

He walked towards the wooden hut and pushed the door open. It was very simply furnished inside, and there was nothing else besides just a simple bed and table.

Not even a monk on a pilgrimage would live so simply.

He walked to the table and didn’t have any expression on his face as he looked down at the mirror.

The mirror reflected Ethan’s face.

It was a bronze mirror, so his reflection wasn’t very clear and his features were blurry. Ethan noticed that there was a drawer, so he pulled it open and found an entire pile of masks made from human skin.

His expression changed slightly.

“What’s wrong?” asked Liam when he noticed the change in Ethan’s expression.

“These are all masks made from human skin.” Ethan’s voice was filled with rage. “These were all peeled off from someone else’s face while they were still alive!”

Liam and Elder Percy couldn’t help but shudder. Masks made from the skin of living people?

Was Mr Cedric nuts?

Wasn’t that really cruel? He had actually peeled the faces of living people to use as a disguise for himself?

“I’m afraid these are all the faces of those sects who perished.” Ethan took a deep breath. “This villain is really way too cruel!”

How painful and terrifying must it be for a human being to have the skin of his face peeled right off while he was alive?

“What is he trying to do?” asked Elder Percy.

His voice trembled slightly, and it was filled with fury.

Till now, he still hadn’t figured out what Mr Cedric was trying to do, or what motives he had.

Ethan shook his head. “I have no idea.”

He couldn’t figure out what this Mr Cedric was trying to do either.

Who was the person in the bronze coffin?

Everything was a mystery now.

“If we want to know, I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for Mr Cedric to strike again.” Liam frowned. “But every time he makes a move, we almost perish in the process.”

“That’s why we have to make preparations and get ahead of him,” said Ethan.

He knew that Mr Cedric was certain that Ethan had the pages of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual, and knew that Ethan had comprehended the technique too.


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