Billionaire God of War Chapter 2195

Chapter 2195

Since Mr Cedric knew all that, then his motives were possibly connected to the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. Perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was connected to the map on the manual.

Mr Cedric definitely knew something about the legend behind this manual.

Ethan looked at Liam and Liam reached the same conclusion.

He didn’t say anything and just nodded slightly.

“Let’s go back first. At the very least, we’ve solved the mystery of the gray fog, so everyone doesn’t have to be so scared anymore.”

Without this deadly threat, the sects could breathe a sigh of relief and not become so desperate. As for the terrifying Mr Cedric, it would take more time to figure out exactly what he was trying to do.

Ethan brought the other two men along with him back to Clearheart Sect.

All the other sects were waiting for them.

Everyone had gathered within the main hall to discuss what they ought to do next. Nobody dared to take this matter too lightly, especially since they knew nothing about Mr Cedric.

The less they knew about this matter and that man, the more terrifying it was.

This was especially after they had experienced how Mr Cedric had managed to manipulate all the people within the mountain.

Jericho and the rest had somber looks on their faces.

“Everyone is in position according to our plans. If there are any changes, we’ll need everyone to think on their feet,” he said.

Alright. Everyone, keep in contact. Once there’s any movement anywhere, we must all know immediately so that we can adjust ourselves accordingly.”

They looked like they were going to war. Everyone was on standby and didn’t dare to let their guard down at all. Everyone had to remain on their toes at all times.

“I wonder how things are over on Ethan’s side.” Rodrick was rather worried.

He was afraid that the fog was really dangerous. If that was really the case, then the three of them would probably never return.

“Tsk, that young fellow is so arrogant and audacious. Does he really think he’s invincible?” scoffed Raiden as he expressed his displeasure. Now that Ethan wasn’t around, he dared to grumble. “Everyone knows how frightening that gray matter is. How could it be merely a cover?”

Leroy glanced at him. “I think you should shut up.”


“I said, shut up,” said Leroy. “If not for him, all of you would still be stuck inside the prison of Titan Sect and you wouldn’t see the light of day at all.”

Raiden was so angry that he nearly stood up, but Leroy had already walked off.

He had to admit that Ethan was truly impressive, and had completely surpassed his expectations. Without Ethan, Titan Sect would have been destroyed by now.

All the other sect leaders were well aware of this. Raiden was grumbling away, but he knew this well too.

“Alright now, stop arguing. I believe in Ethan,” said Jericho. “We can only place our trust in Ethan now.”

Just after he said that, a voice called out from outside.

“Elder Percy and the rest are back!”

Everyone immediately stood up and walked out.

The three of them were back and were completely unscathed.

Ethan was leading the way and looked exactly the same as when he left. He didn’t look hurt at all.

“How is it? What’s that fog about?” asked Jericho anxiously.

“It’s just a screen,” replied Percy. “It’s not harmful to humans at all, and it certainly won’t kill anybody.”

Raiden’s face reddened. He just said that Ethan was too arrogant for his own good and had walked into his own grave. But now the tables had clearly turned on him.

“All of this was created by Mr Cedric. He’s hidden something deep in the northern region and doesn’t want anybody to know about it, so he used the fog as a cover to prevent others from coming close.”

Liam nodded. “We’ve already confirmed this.”

“Humph. I knew it,” scoffed Leroy before giving Raiden the side eye. He wasn’t going to give up any opportunity to mock Raiden.

Raiden didn’t say anything. What could he possibly say now?

“What about Mr Cedric?” asked Jericho.

“He’s escaped,” sighed Ethan. “I’m afraid we’re in bigger trouble in the future.”


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