Billionaire God of War Chapter 2197

Chapter 2197

“Then…did he mention any place to you? Or…” Ethan suddenly thought of something. He looked at Leroy and asked, “Or did he make your sect do something for him?”

Leroy frowned and after pondering this for a while, he called a trusted subordinate and asked him what instructions he had given this subordinate before and what matters he had entrusted to this subordinate before.

Leroy looked at Ethan as his subordinate reported every single matter to Ethan and left it to Ethan to discern which matters were connected to Mr Cedric.

He couldn’t remember anything anymore. After all, anybody under Mr Cedric’s hypnosis wouldn’t even remember his face.

But Mr Cedric couldn’t possibly control every single person who actually carried out the instructions.

“Wait!” Ethan suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked at Leroy’s subordinate. “You said that you had to look for a particular place?”

“That’s right. Elder Leroy had told us to go there, but we couldn’t find it, so after we returned, Elder Leroy scolded all of us very badly.”

Leroy coughed twice at this. Why did his subordinate have to include the second half of that sentence?

“Where is that place?” asked Ethan again.

“The information given to us at that time was the southernmost part of the southern mountain. We didn’t know exactly where that was, but it definitely had to be close to Clearheart Sect.”

Clearheart Sect was at the southernmost part of the world within the mountain, which was also where the mountain gate was located. The southernmost part of the southern mountain would be the southernmost point of this world. What place was that?

“The mountains and the north are in the shadow, while the water and the south are in the sun. He’s giving you the position of the five elements,” said Ethan. “Looks like my guess was right. I know what he’s trying to do.”

Leroy and the rest were completely confused and didn’t know what Ethan was talking about at all.

“What does he want?”

“He’s trying to look for a particular place, but it’s obvious that he couldn’t find it within the mountain. That’s why he wanted to go out of the mountain and take control of all of you.” Ethan’s expression was grim.

“But why didn’t he just go out by himself? You mean, he can’t go out?”

That didn’t seem possible.

Ethan immediately ruled this possibility out.

Mr Cedric was so formidable, so he would definitely have a way of getting out of this place. Why didn’t he just leave then?

“It looks like we have to go back to the northern region again.”

“That bronze coffin?” Elder Percy made a guess.

That bronze coffin had sunk to the bottom of the lake. Was Ethan thinking of fishing it out?

“If we want to know what Mr Cedric is looking for, I think the answer is on that bronze coffin. Once we’re sure of it, we can make proper plans about what we should do next.”

If they didn’t lure Mr Cedric out, they wouldn’t be able to kill him. And if they didn’t kill him, this man would continue to pose a threat to their survival.

Ethan guessed that Mr Cedric was trying to look for the place recorded on the map behind the Extreme Fist Technique Manual.

Before all this, Ethan thought that this place was within the mountain, and that’s why he came in. But now, he realized that this wasn’t the case.

Did that mean that place was outside the mountain?

Just that he never found it?

Ethan didn’t waste any more time and brought everyone back to the northern region. The answers they were looking for were definitely on that bronze coffin, so once they fished it out, they would get the answers they needed.

Ethan left some men to guard Clearheart Sect, and the rest followed him into the northern region.

They walked through the thick fog and were relieved after realizing for themselves that the fog was completely harmless. They even felt embarrassed that they had been tricked so badly by something so simple.

“So where have all the people from those sects that disappeared gone to? Even if Mr Cedric killed them all, surely there would be corpses left behind, right?” asked Raiden.

“That’s the answer we have to find.”

Ethan didn’t say too much and just brought everyone to the lake. He looked at the calm water surface and pointed at it. “The coffin has fallen into the centermost point of the lake. Think of a way to get it out.”

Elder Percy nodded and immediately got the best swimmers among the disciples to dive into the lake.

After a short while, one of them came to the surface.

“Elder Percy, there’s really a bronze coffin at the bottom!”


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