Billionaire God of War Chapter 2198

Chapter 2198

The bronze coffin was still there as expected.

Mr Cedric only took the contents of the bronze coffin.

Ethan frowned. If he was not mistaken, the thing inside the coffin was a human.

Had he placed this person in the bronze coffin before it was sunk to the bottom of the lake?

What on earth was he doing?

Ethan could not wrap his mind around it.

Even though he had experienced a lot in his life and seen his fair share of unusual things, he had never encountered a human in a bronze coffin at the bottom of a lake.

“Shall we pull it up?” asked Liam.

“Chief O’Clear, we probably can’t pull it up,” said the disciple immediately. “All four corners of the coffin are bound by chains to a huge heavy boulder beneath it. It’s too hard to pull it up.”

The coffin was actually secured to the bottom of the lake?

“But we saw the bronze coffin floating on the lake surface before, so that means it can rise for sure.” Elder Percy looked at Ethan. “Is that good enough?”

That was probably the best they could do.

“Let’s give it a shot.” Ethan nodded.

There was nothing else they could do about the coffin. Once it reached the surface, they could find out more about it.

Mr Cedric clearly didn’t want anyone to remove the bronze coffin, so he secured it to the lake.

“Get to it now.”

“Yes, Chief O’Clear!”

The disciples dove into the lake again.

Ethan felt that if they had floats, the buoyancy would have made things easier. However, they had no time to go back to retrieve tools.

They could only resort to primitive ways to work the bronze coffin.

Before long, rope was tied to the bronze coffin on both sides before dozens of disciples pulled hard at the same time.




Everyone worked together as they yelled and pulled hard and slowly pulled the coffin up to the surface.

“Secure the coffin!” shouted Elder Percy

The rope on both sides of the coffin was immediately secured to wooden posts they prepared.

The bronze coffin gave off a cold, eerie sensation as it floated on the lake surface.

“Let me take a look,” said Ethan.

Liam wanted to follow Ethan but changed his mind. A few of them stood at each corner of the coffin some distance away from Ethan so that they could swiftly act if something went awry.

Ethan placed one foot on the lake surface and paused for a second to deeply inhale before he placed his other foot on it and steadied himself.

It was just as he expected.

After he channeled internal energy into his legs, he hovered a short distance above the lake’s surface as air currents held his body up.

Ethan walked up to the bronze coffin. The closer he got, the colder it felt.

Even the temperature of the air around it had decreased.

“This bronze coffin looks pretty old.”

Ethan scrutinized the bronze coffin. It looked old on the outside, and some areas of the coffin were polished and seemed brighter than its other parts.

Its shape didn’t resemble a typical coffin, and Ethan had never seen such a coffin before.

He turned to glance behind him. Liam and the others were all looking at him and seemed worried.

They were clearly a little uncomfortable since it was a coffin.

Ethan reached his hand out and placed it on the coffin gently. It felt as cold as ice!

Why was the coffin so cold?

It didn’t make any sense.

“I’m going to open the coffin,” said Ethan.

Liam and the others looked worried. They immediately prepared themselves mentally to be careful.

They didn’t know what the coffin might contain. Similar thoughts ran through everyone’s heads. The more they contemplated about supernatural things, the scarier it felt.

Ethan reached his hand out and placed it on the coffin lid. Even after exerting some force on it, the lid refused to budge an inch.

He inhaled deeply before he pushed harder and harder until the coffin lid finally opened.


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