Billionaire God of War Chapter 2201

Chapter 2201

If the answer was beyond the mountain gate, should Ethan go back and check?

Enoch’s words kept echoing in his mind.

When he first heard them, he found them surreal. Then again, no ordinary man was capable of learning the truth.

The people whom Mr Cedric mentioned only served to confirm his guesses.

There was so much unknown in the world.

Could anyone explain the existence of the Extreme Fist Technique Manual even?

Who left it behind?

How old was it?

Who was it intended for?

Where was the map in it pointing to?

He had so many questions about it. Although many people have tried to hunt down the manual all these years, no one had the answers.

Now they seemed to be closer and closer to the answer.


Mr Cedric looked at the lake as he stood on a nearby mountain top.

His profound eyes shone brightly.

He could see that the lake was heavily guarded, so someone was bound to stop him if he attempted to go.

He wasn’t threatened by them. Were those losers capable of stopping him?

However, he didn’t want to waste any time.

After some time, Mr Cedric headed back to the cave. Someone was lying on the stone bed. A faint and strange scent of medicinal herbs wafted while the atmosphere remained cold.

“Wait for me here.”

He reached his hand out to touch that person’s face with a tender look on his face.

Mr Cedric reached his hand out and waved it. In an instant, the stone bed was circled by frosted glass as though he had performed some magic so that nothing could be seen.

His eyes became stern and sharp as he prepared for battle!

“I don’t care even if you find me.” He laughed coldly. “I will kill all of you if I have to!”

Then, he disappeared in a flash.


Clearheart Sect was heavily guarded.

Clearheart Sect was not alone. All the other sect disciples were involved in patrolling the place. They had combined forces to make Clearheart Sect an impenetrable fortress.

Even a fly couldn’t get past their defenses.

A few of the elders stood guard at the main hall so that they could quickly react and assist if anything happened.

The rest of the people were doing their best to search their sects’ ancient texts to find clues about Mr Cedric’s identity. According to Ethan’s speculation, Mr Cedric was no ordinary man.

He might not even be from this world!

Why did the mountain gate appear, and what was it used for? If they got to the source, he could find the answers.

Ethan remained in Clearheart Sect and stayed in Liam’s study as he was certain that Mr Cedric would come.

After all, the path out of the mountain gate lay in the room.

He quietly sat there and didn’t sleep even though it was already late at night.

He leaned into the chair with his eyes half-closed as though he was in a trance.

Ethan suddenly opened his eyes, and they beamed brightly!

“He’s come after all!”

Ethan could sense his presence.

The moment Ethan sensed him, Mr Cedric could detect Ethan too.

He was here!

He had already infiltrated Clearheart Sect.

Mr Cedric had someone in his hand and was gripping the man by the throat. Despite the calm look on his face, his eyes were murderous and terrifying.

He broke the man’s neck and casually tossed him to the ground before he walked towards the study where Ethan was.

“You can’t stop me. Other than those two, no one is capable of stopping me!”

The moment he finished his sentence, Mr Cedric’s silhouette disappeared into the darkness once more before he headed straight for Ethan rapidly.

Mr Cedric was like a horrifying phantom in the night!


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