Billionaire God of War Chapter 2202

Chapter 2202

A terrifying loud boom resembling an explosion reverberated throughout Clearheart Sect.

Jericho and the others were in the main hall and were startled by the commotion.

“What happened?”

They stood up and looked towards the study and their expressions altered.

“Oh no!” shouted Elder Percy. “He’s here!”

Everyone charged towards the study without hesitation.

Meanwhile, the study room door opened.

Ethan stood up and watched Mr Cedric standing in the darkness.

They met again.

“Are you afraid to show yourself?” Ethan deliberately ridiculed, “Are you the only person who can stand seeing your own face?”

Mr Cedric said nothing. He slowly raised his hand and pointed at Ethan.

He stared threateningly at Ethan with his bright, penetrating eyes.

Mr Cedric made a move without saying a word.

Wind raged in the wake of his attack!

Ethan moved in on him as well.

He activated his Extreme Fist Technique instantly.

The two of them collided in the blink of an eye. Their punches let out a deafening boom as they crashed into each other like two pieces of steel

The violent force of their blows rippled in the air and uprooted all the flora nearby before scattering them on the ground.

It was absolutely incredible!

Before Jericho and the others made it to the study, they were already stunned by the intensity of the fight.

Were they even human?

How powerful did Ethan have to be in order to execute blows with such intensity?

Mr Cedric was a formidable and mysterious opponent. Just thinking about how he had been hiding in plain sight all this time left them breaking in cold sweat.

Mr Cedric could have killed them easily and used sheer force to make them do his bidding. However, he didn’t resort to it.

Jericho and the others felt their scalps going a little numb.

“What help can we offer by going over?” asked Jericho.

They knew that they could only give Ethan moral support and were incapable of fighting against Mr Cedric. Even though they were all powerful martial artists, they couldn’t compare to Ethan and Mr Cedric.

They were inviting death by going over!

“We still have to go over!” said Leroy. “We still have to take the opportunity to kill Mr Cedric!”

Even if they had to pay a heavy price or die, they could bring long-term peace to all sects if they killed Mr Cedric, so it was a worthy exchange.

However, the chance didn’t come by easy.

Everyone was about to enter the study when a wave of energy swept towards them and prevented them from entering altogether.

“He’s simply too powerful!”

Raiden’s face turned pale. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he could do nothing to help Ethan when he fought Mr Cedric.

For the first time in his life, he felt powerless.

What else could he do?

Mr Cedric’s skills were completely out of their league. Even if all of them attacked in unison, they were no different than ants to Mr Cedric.

Fortunately, Ethan was on their side. Or else, everyone would die for sure without the slightest chance to retaliate.

Ethan and Mr Cedric fought violently in the yard outside the study.

Each blow seemed like mountains colliding and left a thunderous bang in its wake.

The Extreme Fist Technique was violent and domineering as Ethan unwaveringly charged forward and unleashed blow after blow swiftly.

Mr Cedric’s fist technique was equally formidable and seemed highly polished.

Their attacks were powerful, and neither of them backed off a single time!

Ethan punched him once more!


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