Billionaire God of War Chapter 2203

Chapter 2203

Mr Cedric was unprotected, so he raised his hand to block the blow. The moment they made contact, the impact of the fists was unleashed!

Waves of energy left the dust flying in the air in the wake of their blows.

“Pretty impressive,” Mr Cedric finally spoke. “You were capable of reaching this level at such a young age. That’s certainly surprising. If you kept a low profile, you might have enjoyed a bright future ahead. But it’s too bad! Now that you have exposed yourself, you will end up being targeted by them sooner or later!”

Ethan’s eyes constricted.

“Who are you talking about?”

“You will find out soon enough.” Mr Cedric chuckled loudly. “They will treat you like prey and hunt you down. They will play with you, humiliate you and even kill all the people you love until you go insane!”

Ethan’s expression altered when he heard him talk about an unknown world.

“Are you afraid now? You have no idea how scary it is out there. Did you think there would be any peace without those two guarding the place? They are slowly growing weak, and darkness looms over the western region. Everyone will have no choice but to die!”

Mr Cedric looked possessed as he muttered strange things to himself. But these words seemed to be meant for Ethan’s ears as well.

But his words just went round and round in circles, and Ethan didn’t understand what he was driving at.

Mr Cedric suddenly punched Ethan. Energy instantly exploded from Mr Cedric’s attack and pushed Ethan back a few steps.

“Oh no!”

Ethan was startled. Mr Cedric did that on purpose!

Mr Cedric had deliberately swapped positions with Ethan, and Ethan was no longer standing in front of the study.

Before Ethan could react, Mr Cedric jumped and darted swiftly into the study. Ethan immediately followed behind Mr Cedric, but it was all too late.

“We will meet again. I hope you will remain alive when the time comes!”

The moment Mr Cedric finished his sentence, he had already disappeared through the passage behind the bookcase.

Ethan knew that Mr Cedric had left the mountain.

He was such an astounding fighter that he was unstoppable beyond the mountain.

Even modern weapons were futile against this astounding martial artist.

Oh no!

The world was going to slip into chaos!

Ethan was frustrated by how he hadn’t been able to stop Mr Cedric. Although it was hard for Ethan to single handedly stop Mr Cedric, he still couldn’t accept the loss.


Jericho and the others were finally able to get in after the battle ended.

Everyone was shocked to see the chaos in the room. Even though they didn’t witness the fight first-hand, they could tell from the place that it must have been an incredible fight.

“Where is Mr Cedric?”

Elder Percy ran into the room and looked around with a solemn look on his face. Books were everywhere, and even the bookcase had been thrown onto the ground.

“He’s gone.” Ethan gripped his fists coldly. “I’m going after him. Guard this place!”

The moment Ethan finished his sentence, he left without hesitation. He couldn’t stand by and allow a demon like Mr Cedric to leave the mountain since his loved ones and friends were out there!

Ethan charged right into the passage and disappeared instantly.

Jericho and the others didn’t know what to say.

Should they follow Ethan?

They didn’t even know what the world outside was like. After all these years, no one had left the mountain. What could they do beyond the mountain?

“Do as Ethan said. Stay in the mountain and do our job.” Elder Percy inhaled deeply. “I hope Ethan succeeds.”

There was so little they could do. For the first time in their lives, they felt so powerless!

So what if they were chiefs and elders from famous sects?

They were incapable of helping Ethan, and he had to fight Mr Cedric alone.


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