Billionaire God of War Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204

Meanwhile, deep within Minstrel Mount.

Dark fumes rose into the air with a thunderous bang.

Mr Cedric was here!

The moment he showed up, he could smell danger in the air. His back turned cold, and he swiftly sensed a threat.

Before he could react…

“Do it!”

Mr Cedric lowered his head to look when he heard the voice. He felt the earth beneath his feet instantly turn hot.

He jumped and immediately ran for it.

Explosions went off continuously as dark smoke rose into the air. It started right beneath his feet before spreading in all directions.

“Damn it!”

Mr Cedric didn’t expect an ambush to be waiting for him here.

He swiftly did his utmost to avoid the explosion. However, the explosives were so tightly packed that it felt as though the entire region was rigged.

The explosions left smoke and dust rising in its wake.

After some time, all the exploding finally came to an end.

Brother Geoff watched as the dust swirled in the air. After things went quiet and the deed was done, he walked over, saw a pool of blood on the ground, and frowned slightly.

“Even that couldn’t kill him?”

He couldn’t help feeling shocked.

Even the most alert animal on earth was incapable of escaping the ambush and would get blown into smithereens, but he shockingly escaped.

He could sense someone else’s presence in the air.

However, Brother Geoff didn’t move this time since he knew who it was.

Ethan was back.

“Big Boss,” said Brother Geoff. “We ambushed him like you said but failed to kill him.”

Brother Geoff’s face was filled with shock and disbelief.

“Is he even human?”

The explosives were planted without leaving any blind spots. The moment Mr Cedric turned up, he should have died, but Mr Cedric ended up escaping.

Ethan glanced at the blood on the ground.

“He’s been gravely injured.”

Although they hadn’t killed Mr Cedric, they had wounded him badly. Even though Mr Cedric knew how threatening the world outside was, he probably didn’t expect normal people to be capable of hurting him.

Since Ethan already knew that Mr Cedric would leave the mountain gate when he surfaced, he told Brother Geoff and the others to come back and set an ambush.

Ethan had even purposely allowed Mr Cedric to fight him off and leave through the passage.

His plans had unexpectedly failed to take out Mr Cedric.

“Evan and the others are waiting outside for him. I wonder if they are able to stop him.” Brother Geoff frowned and said, “If we chase him down, we ought to be able to catch up.”

Ethan nodded and wasted no time. “Go after him!”

Ethan immediately led Brother Geoff to chase after Mr Cedric.

Mr Cedric was genuinely badly injured.

He neither saw the ambush coming at all nor expected Ethan to plan this. Mr Cedric realized that he had underestimated Ethan’s foresight and strategies.

An ambush was set up from the moment he left the depths of Minstrel Mount, and Mr Cedric was so angry that he almost went mad.

He recalled that the last time he left the mountain gate, nothing of the sort happened, and the reclusive clans treated him like a god!

How dare they try to kill him now?

After he finally escaped Minstrel Mount, he disappeared.

Ethan was unable to stop him. Judging from the blood along the way, Mr Cedric was severely injured.

“Master, we didn’t manage to stop him. He was way too powerful.” Evan was a little frustrated.

They had sent fighters from almost all eight reclusive clans to stand guard and armed them to the teeth with weapons, but Mr Cedric still ended up escaping.

Even though Mr Cedric was severely injured, they were no match for the man.


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